E3 2009: Motion Sensing Game Available for Pre-Order

Jason Debelyak
A little over 12 hours from now, Microsoft will be hitting the stage for their press conference.  However, thanks to our friends at Engadget, we have a juicy bit of information for you before Microsoft hits the stage.  We've heard for over a year now about Microsoft possibly entering the Wii-esque area of motion sensing capabilities, and we've seen bits of information scattered around, whether it be the "Newton" controller or the motion sensing camera.  Added to this gigantic rumor now is a game available for pre-order on Gamestop.com.
Squeeballs: Island Party will apparently be bundled with this brand new controller that will have the same type of motion capabilities as the Wii.  The controller, named Gametrak Freedom (or "Freedom" for short), will be able to track the player's movements and translate them to the game.  Sounds familiar right?
The game will feature 11 main games, which include Tenpin Bowling, Feeding Frenzy, Cannon, Cooking, Crazy Lanes, Paint by Squeeballs, Creature Testing Belt, Pumping, Squeeball Golf, Shock and Stampede.  After challenges are met, new ones will unlock, which will result in over 150 unique games.
Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor at the moment, and we'll find out for sure tomorrow.  But, this is an awful lot of information from a reputable retailer to not report it to you guys.  Stay tuned all day tomorrow here at X360A for all the groundbreaking news as soon as it happens!
  • "Squeeballs: Island Party will apparently be bundled with this brand new controller that will have the same type of motion capabilities as the Wii." After the big disappointment that most motion sensing games have been, I hope that turns out to be false. If MS really is going to stick their finger in that pie, they should step it up a notch, especially with the Wii Motion Plus coming out soon. But I guess we'll see for sure tomo- later today.
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  • Well its a cool concept that they are doing this. But I think they are going in the wrong direction.
  • LoL at comment 3# :P
  • i would have to actually see this. It would be cool if you use yur avatar because at the moment, not many games have avatars in it.
  • Yea this will be as successful as the rest of the shit Wii games that are out there that no one plays.
  • I don't like this whole motion control thing that MS is doing. But since they're obviously going through with it, they better put out a controller that's better than the Wii's awful sensors.
  • OMG Snood. But that trailer was pretty morbid with that meat grinder part.
  • This really appeals to us hardcore gamers
  • BAH. this is why i got a 360, to get away from this crap.
  • the motion sensing is ok they should make a disc golf game 4 this
  • Hmmm. . . . .
  • hey wanna play with my 360 wii nah sounds better as simple as wanna play with my wii i like to play with my wii Brawl is fun hey maybe now i can swing my arm like a idiot with 360 graphics
  • @12 looks like you'll be getting a PS3 then lol. I'd be glad to have motion sensing games on the 360 since I don't have to buy a Wii to get them. Maybe I'll feel a tiny bit less lazy? lol. Also if you don't want to play them, you don't have to. It's your choice.
  • Whats wrong with you guys? Dont you see the possibilities here? playboy mansion 2. Now with motion sensor;)
  • Oh and btw, the gamestop thing isnt new. Its been there for a while. I remember seeing it before.(well not that long but it isnt exactly new)
  • Motion sensing games suck squeeballs.
  • If this is better then the wii's crappy motion sensor, might just sell my wii!
  • Sorry for all these posts but #15 is right. There are some people who like this so it is better then getting a wii. This wont ruin the xbox, The thing that ruined the wii(well disappointed lots of people incase you like the wii) was that you had to use a motion controller but this is completely optional. I might get this because I like all those weird will games that are basically lots of arcade games. If anyone can pull of motion sensing right its microsoft(for the right price and an anual fee;)
  • sounds good and all but I rather stick with the reguler wireless controller
  • squeeballs, really? That's the best they can come up with, come on MS.
  • I've literally turned my wii on once in the last year to download mario rpg. I haven't played it, I just downloaded it. I think if I purchase this It better be real cheap.
  • Squeeze balls? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Why microsoft why did you have to steal more bad ideas why?
  • I won't be buying this whatever, remember when the camera was released and MS were going to to big things with it?! What have we had? Totemball (i think it was called that?) and the ability to put your face in about 4 games, big whoop, if there not going to do anything good with the extra gimmicks then no one will buy it. The only reason in the slightest i will see this as good, is if some classic point and clicks are then released on the 360, like Broken Sword has just came out on the wii.
  • In all honestly, we could be making this much bigger than what it is. For example, look at that game that was released about 2 years ago, i forgot its name, but it was that movie trivia game, that was bundled with the 4 "button" controllers. Maybe these controllers are made specifically for this game, as such. btw...i have seen this trailer before. and it was a while ago, maybe last year sometime. agh...why cant i remember it.
  • yeah, here is more info, from march of 09. http://gear.ign.com/articles/965/965841p1.html March 24, 2009 - In September of last year we got an early look at the Gametrak Freedom, a brand-new motion controller being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 by Performance Designed Products (PDP). In the six months that have passed, however, there have been very few updates on the product, but now at Game Developers Conference 2009, PDP is ready to talk Gametrak Freedom. it only has the 4 (A,B,X,Y) buttons, d-pad, and a trigger.
  • @15 The PS3 has motion controlled games with the six axis controller. I've only played one game for it which was Resistance: Fall of Man which was an amazingly fun game and when one of the little guys attacked you and latched on you had to shake the controller to get him off. I'll definitely be buying this though. I like playing new types of games.
  • @3... wow that's what happens when you try to be "cool" and make a worthless comment about being number 1. Anyway, as far as this motion thing goes... I'm not gonna judge it until I get to try it out. Although I am quite skeptical.
  • I love the whole 'this will ruin the xbox' stuff, it's such an elitist attitude, just because you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, a company would be stupid to not consider the casual market, especially with the xbox priced as competitively as it is. I don't read any mention in conjunction with this that they're going to stop producing other games and favour this magic wand, so i'm not sure why your all complaining. Its the same as releasing a game you don't wanna play, don't play it. If you don't buy it, it won't ruin *your* xbox experience.
  • i'd laugh if nintendo toke MS to court
  • Noooooooooooo why microsoft??, think of how much its cost them to get the technology working. Could have paid for a new IP instead.
  • I just hope since they are obviously going this direction anyway that they don't just use it for stupid mini games and generic sports titles....
  • right on #23 you better go play mario rpg. best thing nintendo ever did.
  • This was announced months ago and there were videos shown of the actual gameplay. Looks pretty good.
  • @25 the camera was amazing, i did things with it that would blow your mind, until it broke about 2 weeks ago, but i plan on buying another one, but this time im going to mod the lenses for IR light
  • Why do all these dicks come on here saying we don't want stuff like this on xbox? Most of my games are shooters and such with 18 rating but I still enjoy games I can play with the kids too. We had a Wii but sold it because the games looked so ugly on our HDTV and most were cheap cash ins, but I gladly buy this for a good looking HD WiiSports type game, the amount of fun/hours our family had on bowling alone would make it an instant purchase for me. Stop being such snobs, not everyone just wants to play adult games alone in a dark room all the time!
  • A cooking game.
  • DING. Once again, wrong information in article. This isn't Microsoft's product. It's a product for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 developed by a seperate company with no involvement with Microsoft. In other words, it's a third party motion controller game. #27 has it right. Stop jumping the gun people. It's got nothing to do with MS.
  • It's all lie's the new Motion Sensing game is TotemBall 2 .... mwa ha ha, another mega fun game!!!
  • looks like microsoft is also getting into the shovelware business
  • this could be good if they make the right type of games for it, for example, a bionic Commando type game would be cool. Probably not for me tho, my wii was a waste of money so i sold it. bought another waste of money that broke in a week called "Guitar Hero: World Tour"
  • Ooooh it's made by Gametrak. I had one of those and the fighting game that came with it at launch on the PS2. Was OK i suppose.
  • Meh.
  • Motion Sensing on the 360... *yawn* leave the motion sensing for the Wii.
  • I hate motion sensor crap. It didn't work with the Power Glove and it hasn't worked for the Wii. That's one thing I liked about Xbox, it stayed away from that motion junk. One thing Xbox does have over Wii is that it has a much better game library than the Wii. So I guess that's the one good thing to come out of it. As long as I can use the regular controller on games that will support this motion sensing I will continue to do so. Hope it's just a rumor...
  • I want to sit on my ass moving as little as possible when playing games! It will flop 360 gamers don't want this. Anyways it will be fun to see how many diffrent games they can bring out with the word Family and Party in the title! LOL Oh noes not another minigame!
  • i c wat u did thar #19 lol
  • Should be a nice change from the piles and piles of mature rated shooters(which I love but this is a nice change).
  • First comment! ... Oh nuts. Skip this or me, unless it is really cheap.
  • @50 - lol I like the idea, Nintendo do have some good games and everything its just the wii sucks and I hope Microsoft dont go over the top and go like wii fit style.. But prephirals are good...Guitar Hero, Skateboard prephiral (Tony Hawk:Ride) and now this..Hopefully they keep coming..
  • For the final time - IT'S NOT EVEN MADE BY MICROSOFT!!!! Not all Xbox 360 games are suddenly going to have motion controls added, stop being such dicks! It's just another add-on like a silly plastic guitar/drums/skateboard/mixing desk!?. If motion controls are not your thing you don't buy it, end of story. Me personally, I'd love a Hi-Def game in a similar style to wii sports.
  • Am i the only one looking forward to this? I love playing on the wii, mario kart, brawl and no more heroes are all fantastic games. NMH uses the remote best out of any game ive played so far! And actually yea this could be made by Microsoft, i read they patented the name 'wand' about a year ago in a newspaper, so it might be a joint effort
  • @Complaining Users: Nobody is forcing you to buy it. It's not like it's replacing the 360 Controller. GUYS LET'S PLAY SOME GEARS OF WAR, HOLD UP THE CONTROLLER TO REV HURF A DURF. (...even though that sounds fun as hell.) Just don't buy it. Jeez. Some people just need to bitch about everything these days.
  • #3 fail
  • well I'm down, but why only game stop Author is at fail loss for not putting down that Game Crazy as well as play and trade are accepting pre-orders, honestly wats so good about Gaystop, besides scaming u and not keeping track of ur records
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