Spec Ops: The Line Team Would "Eat Broken Glass" Before Making a Sequel, Says Writer

Richard Walker

Spec Ops: The Line dared to be a little bit different in its approach to the military shooter genre, attempting to show the horrors of war amid all of the third-person shooter action. It was a good game, but the prospect of a sequel seems incredibly unlikely, as we've already heard previously.

It seems that what writer Walt Williams called a "brutal, painful development" didn't help matters, as well as the fact that Spec Ops: The Line simply didn't sell. Asked about a follow-up to Spec Ops: The Line on Twitter, Williams had the following to say, as to why there won't be another:

Spec Ops: The Line launched back in 2012 to mostly positive reviews, including our own verdict, but a tacked-on multiplayer described by the game's Lead Designer as a "cancerous growth" and seemingly an overall lack of interest meant the game ultimately didn't do well commercially. Williams (who we interviewed here) is currently working on Star Wars Battlefront II, due to launch this November.

  • Kind of a shame really....Spec Ops: The Line had an amazing story with plot point that I personally didn't see coming. :|
  • It really sucks when amazing games slip under the radar & don't sell,spec ops was great enjoyed it completely
  • Surprisingly interesting game to play. Really enjoyed this game, but I can see why it might not have sold that well. Not sure why we'd want a sequel, this is the kind of game that should exist as a stand alone.
  • I enjoyed the story, and that one scene was horrifying and if you've played it, you know what I mean. A sequel though? Doesn't really need one. I did complete Spec Ops in under 3 hours, so it was short as hell. Good game though.
  • I was just thinking about this game today. Honestly it should become backwards compatible. Hopefully.
  • It'd do the story a diservice to make a sequel. It'd only work to dilute it, so I'm glad there won't be a sequel, though I am curious about other future projects.
  • I'd love it to become backwards compatible. Had the game, but never got round to playing it before upgrading to the Xbox One.
  • I didn't really enjoy the game it I didn't get very far though to be fair. I just didn't get it I think. However, I o know how the game ends so the story started to make sense. But again it wasn't for me. You now what game they should have made a sequel to? GUN bought that on original xbox and the 360 version
  • Not every story needs a sequel. I am not a fan of stories that run on forever, and that seems to be the standard for series now, no matter the format. This wrapped itself up fine, and I don't need more of it.
  • a decent game...the story was somewhat contrived and awkwardly told, but still effective in the end (even if it left you scratching your head a little).
  • top 5 xbox 360 game for me
  • i bought it and was rather surprised by it
  • I mean, yeah, the story was something different, but it has some of the worst cover mechanics I've experienced in a game.
  • How do you even make a sequel? Where does Walker even go from there? Or do we focus on a new set of characters and tell a similar tale? No thanks, if that last bit is the case... Oh, and fuck that rage-inducing F.U.B.A.R. difficulty. Fuck it right in the ear. @#8 - They kinda did make a sequel to GUN, it's called Red Dead Redemption. ;P
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