Child of Eden Goat Simulator and King of Fighters Sky Stage Now Backward Compatible

Child of Eden, Goat Simulator, and King of Fighters Sky Stage Now Backward Compatible

Alan Pettit

Microsoft has added three new games to the Backward Compatibility program today. The trippy Rez prequel Child of Eden headlines the new additions, with the ridiculous Goat Simulator and equally silly King of Fighters Sky Stage (a shmup where a traditional ship is replaced by King of Fighters characters) both available to play now on Xbox One. Download links for each game are available below, and physical copies of Child of Eden and Goat Simulator will work as well.

There are now 429 games on the BC program. See them all here.

  • Why Put B.C Game If the Game is Already on Xbox One + Goat Simulator was a Game with Gold in June 2016 For Xbox One
  • Will child of eden work with the XOne's Kinect? For that matter, will any BC games that worked with the 360 kinect function with the XOne version?
  • So not only is Goat Simulator ALREADY on the One, it is a pile of shit as well. What the hell is Microsoft doing with BC at this point? One half decent game a month and then the rest are throwaways. Trust me, I try not to have any complaints when it comes to this stuff but this is getting a bit ridiculous now.
  • @1 I know but MS said their trying to bring the entire 360 library to the one before 360 is shut down, so we might see alot of these pop up. @2 I would love to know this. If someone could confirm would be nice.
  • @1: Kind of sad I have to answer this every week almost. Some people want to double up their Gamerscore but not have to use their 360, it's as simple as that. There is zero reason games with both X1 and 360 versions shouldn't come to BC. @2: Kinect will not work, no. Games that REQUIRE peripherals such as Kinect, instruments, or the vision cam will never come to BC, and any game that is KINECT COMPATIBLE will have those features unavailable via BC (which may render some achievements unavailable on BC as well such as the scan a face achievement in Rainbow Six or the scan a card in Viva Pinata).
  • Why do people have a problem with more games being compatible anyways? I don't understand. Even if you already own a game on Xbox One, is there something wrong with letting people play their last gen game so they don't have to spend more money on the new version? It's also not Microsoft's decision on what games go backwards compatible. It's been said dozens of times by MS themselves, but publishers are the ones that give Microsoft the go ahead for BC games. You don't like the games going BC right now, go whine to the publishers about it.
  • It's only when a new BC title is one someone is not interested in that they complain. I think it is great when the 360 version of a game like Goat Simulator becomes compatible. It's one more game to check off the list - I'd like to see it notated "There are now 429/#### games on the BC program." Plus some people will have only bought the game on 360, and now they can play it. I am hoping the 360 version of The Wolf Among Us goes BC so I can finish my playthrough. Even though I also played the X1 version.
  • at this rate im genuinely never gonna need my 360 again.
  • Somebody digs this so be nice.
  • Child Of Eden, finally!! Now all I need is Trials Evolution and Minecraft 360 edition.
  • I remember being really stoned in 2012, trying to use voice commands to launch Child of Eden and it wouldn’t work at all. Thought I was too stoned to articulate my words enough for the Kinect hahaha
  • I know its obscure, but anyone else not able to find KoF SkyStage? Child of Eden shows but the other game never showed up on my backlog
  • Child of Eden, Fuck Yeah. One of the few 360 discs I held on to.
  • No backward compatible games.. People Moan Get backward compatible games that people don't have or want, people moan.. ME.. More the merrier.
  • @12 Kof SkyTage does not appear in my ready to install either. Bought it many years ago on the 360.
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