November Games With Gold Begins With Trackmania Turbo and Nights Into Dreams

November Games With Gold Begins With Trackmania Turbo and Nights Into Dreams

Alan Pettit

Microsoft has announced November's Games With Gold titles, offering four new games at no extra cost to Xbox Live Gold members. The first of the month will roll in stunt racer Trackmania Turbo on Xbox One and Sonic Team-developed platformer Nights into Dreams... on Xbox 360.

The mid-month switch will add Telltale's Tales From the Borderlands on Xbox One (probably TT's funniest and most underrated title if you ask me), and the treasure hunting action-adventure title Deadfall Adventures on Xbox 360 (warning: glitched achievement in that one).

Be sure to nab these titles while they're available via the links below.

  • Hmmm, not the best month so far. Expected better with the month of the Xbox One X release. Like games that take full advantage of the upgrade to 4k. Oh well, I hear Tales is pretty good.
  • @1 agreed. I also thought this month would be big with the launch of the Xbox one x. It would've been nice to see only games that are getting enhanced with the x. 360 1st party games that are popular are also getting boosted so we could've had 4 games that are bigger for tghis month.
  • Tales from the Borderlands is a wonderful game.
  • :0 (speechless)
  • Big old pile of "meh" right there. Hard to believe anyone would pay $40 for Trackmania. I would recommend Tales from Borderlands though, was enjoyable.
  • I've been waiting on a huge sale for Trackmania. It's the kind of drifting racers I love.
  • Um.... try 3360 worth of gamerscore with that broken ass DF Adventures "gunsmith" ach
  • It might be fun. It might be trash, but I'm looking forward to playing Trackmania Turbo for free.
  • Tales from the borderlands is on my list still to play. Glad I' haven't bought it yet.
  • Trackmania barely has people who have completed it... DF has a unobtainable... hate when the free game has a unobtainable.
  • Ok then, nothing for me this month. Played Tales already (it's awesome) and I do not care about the rest... Well maybe Nights if I ever reach the bottom of my to do list ^^
  • Excited for Trackmania, and I highly recommend Tales to anyone who hasnt played it. Have to say, though, Deadfall Adventures is by FAR one of the worst games ive ever played.
  • Trackmania Turbo is an excellent party game. Really funny when you have mates round. Not sure if you're a loner mind.
  • Meh, not impressed. I'm gonna be too busy with Wolfenstein and Call of Duty anyway. Hopefully December will be better.
  • Sony gave Phantom Pain this month. I was waiting to change my console, but i guess I'll have to move to PS4. It's becoming unbearable with all the exclusives line up and the shitty gwg.
  • Would anyone know if this version of Tales from the Borderlands come with all episodes?
  • @15 Sony have only recently had good free games on offer. It might not last
  • I'm looking forward to Nights. Always heard fantastic things but was never fortunate enough to play it back in the day.
  • @17 Dont agree. Comparing the two programs, Sony clearly has the upper hand. A lot of games Sony gave onlly months or years after appeared in gwg.
  • @16 in the past, Telltale games on GWG have always had all the episodes included. I'm pretty sure this game's episode 1 is already free so if it wasn't all five this wouldn't be much of a promo.
  • Looks good except for that Telltale bullshit
  • i will admit this last few months worth of free games have been a bit lack luster for me or i already own the games offerd i own borderlands hell bought it at launch im a dihard borderlands fan excluding presequal it was very disipointing and i wish gearbox would of paid clooser attention to what 2k australia was developing, trackmania i really have no major intrest in not big on racers but thats me though nights is a classic i love the classics and dont know about deadfall though i will say as far as the argument on free games at least with most of these you can actualy own them vs ps4 there free games are strictly linked to the subscription so no subscription no game axcess which sucks though some times microsoft isent much better with that.
  • judge telltale all you want they are good at story telling though for some strange reason there games are built on choice based mechanics when in just about every single one the decisions dont seem to do anything or ammount to nothing like the walking dead no matter how many survive by the end it didnt matter and when you get to the sequal you didnt have even the illusion of choice it was blatent the only effect of diffrence was the ending by one choice that was it, but the tales of the borderlands was extremly good i never finshed it but the few episodes i played were amazing just never got around to playing it since i got so many other games lol
  • Tales of the Borderlands (my personal favourite Telltale game) and Nights are both great. There are always people who complain every single month.
  • Jesus, I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Shit selection but at least for the first time in god knows how long they're games I haven't already got, so that's something :)
  • Yay, both Trackmania and Tales were on my buying list, that's great!
  • Never understood the obsession with Nights. Clockwork Knight was the standout Saturn game for me.
  • I have Tales (great game), but haven't had a chance to play any of the others as of yet. I've heard good things over the years about Nights. 3 out of 4 news games for my backlog isn't bad. I'll get to them at some point.
  • Anyone who likes Borderlands should most definitely play Tales as it not only continues the story from a different perceptive but it really good! It was my first(and only Telltale) and it's highly recommend it.
  • Guess I'll wait til December (or later) to re-activate my gold. Already have Tales of the Borderlands, and the rest are meh.
  • Hate the TT games (so boring, it's like reading a book, but you have to press a button every so often) so I would never pay money for them, but they are easy cheevos so glad to see another one in the free games
  • I'm so unlucky with these. I just bought Tales of the Borderlands a week ago.
  • 3 new games for me this month, awesome. The one game I already have (Tales of the Borderlands) is a great game, if you haven't played it yet you are in for a treat! Definitely one of my personal favorite telltale games.
  • Is there any point in buying Telltale games? As long as you can wait you'll get it on GWG eventually.
  • tell tale only thing worth playing
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