Xbox One X Review  Should You Buy One

Xbox One X Review – Should You Buy One?

Dan Webb

For months Microsoft has been shouting from every available rooftop that a reckoning is coming and that their Xbox One X would be the most powerful console ever created. Power is one thing, but what does that mean for you and more importantly, is it worth your money.

The Xbox One X hits stores this coming Tuesday, November 7th, and sees 4K gaming brought into the limelight. With its 8-core 2.3GHz CPU, 12GBs of DDR5 RAM, 326 GB/sec of memory bandwidth for faster load times and 6 teraflop GPU, there’s no doubt about it that the Xbox One X is a beast of a machine and indeed is the most powerful console to date, but what does that mean in laymen’s terms. Well, prettier games, faster load times and wonderful 4K gaming, and boy does it deliver just that.

The One X is as silent as a mouse, as powerful as an ox and ushers in a new era of 4K gaming, and boy is it fucking beautiful. Microsoft may downplay the significance of this machine and say it’s still the same generation, but it doesn’t feel like it. This feels truly next-gen.

Old games look better, new games look stunning – FIFA in 4K, for instance, is a revelation! – and everything loads that much quicker. For instance, in the tests we performed across multiple games and multiple iterations of the Xbox One, the One X loaded games 2 to 3 times quicker than the same game on the Xbox One S. Gears in 4K even loaded quicker than its 1080p counterpart on the Xbox One S as well.

To get the most out of the Xbox One X, yes, you will need a 4K TV, but 1080p TV owners also get a benefit. Not only do they get faster load times and upscaled visuals, but the power of the machine allows game creators to do more with their games. Using Gears 4 again as an example, the One X allows the campaign now to be played in 60 frames per second, as opposed to the 30fps available on the Xbox One vanilla and the Xbox One S.

Microsoft has somehow managed to perform magic with some more popular back compatibility titles as well. At launch 4 games (Halo 3, Fallout 3, Oblivion and Assassin’s Creed) have received the Xbox One X Enhanced treatment, and genuinely, it’s the best thing about the console. It’s as if the games have had HD remakes… and this is all done by the Xbox One X itself, truly showing how powerful the machine is.

It’s not all ice cream and sprinkles though when it comes to the Xbox One X, with the size of the 4K games when it comes to installs, the 1TB hard drive just simply isn’t enough. Considering that Forza and Gears will be just shy of 100GBs a piece, you effectively can only get 10 or so 4K games on the console before you have to remove games to install new ones. Sure, you can get an external hard-drive, but that’s not the most convenient solution. The dashboard is pretty wank too, especially on a large 4K TV, but that’s something that can – and we bloody hope – will change in the near future.

At present the Xbox One X also lacks any real new 4K content to tide you over. There’s a few back compat games, some older Kinect games that have been remade as 4K titles, a few first-party games and a few third-party games. It’s a real tame offering at the moment, and of course, that will change as time goes on, but it is a genuine concern.

Sure, the Xbox One X is expensive and you’re only going to get the true benefit out of it with a 4K TV, but if you’ve got that disposable income, we can’t recommend it highly enough. Like we said, if Microsoft can pull their finger out and deliver some truly original first-party experiences, then the platform holder will be in a good place. If not, we’ve still got those third-party titles to keep us warm at night. So should you buy one? Abso-fucking-lutely. The Xbox One X is a beast of a machine and worth every penny.

  • Isn't the dash the same as the vanilla & S, the one that just rolled out a week or two ago?
  • @2 Yes but it’s still wank even in 4K
  • I don't really like the latest edition of the dashboard and would happily see the X revert to the old 360 "tabs" dashboard. I prefer the different sections of the board to be seperated from each other - the look, imho, is more pleasing and again, imho, navigating around the system was a whole lot smoother and quicker. As for the advantages of the X over the vanilla and S machines - I can't wait to experience everything to the full - its just a shame that there aren't any solid plans for VR any time soon.
  • Looking forward to picking mine up. 4K, faster load times, SOLD!
  • There is 2 things I don't like with x1 not enough usb ports and the internal hard drive is too small should be a 5TB minimum anything less is useless
  • Exactly what does wank mean? I get its something bad, but I have no idea how to translate it.
  • @6 It means it's shit.
  • Short answer? No. Long answer? Nope. My xbone s performs perfectly, absolutely no need to go and spend $500 on ANOTHER xbone. To me, the pros dont justify that price.
  • Xbox One X all day baby
  • So basically if you'd rather save money for something else, do so. Thanks guys that's what I am leaning towards anyway. It's still not too late to cancel my Scorpio and I think I will do just that tomorrow. For all that it delivers it simply is not enough to pay $500 for glorified 4K player as I see it right now... Maybe in a year when there is more true 4K content and hopefully some price drop for Black Friday...
  • Seriously it's your choice, I have never been coerced by these guys or any youtuber or major annoyance himself. I'm getting one just because the pros and cons added up and my little brother wants my xbox
  • If it had a bigger hard drive I would buy it.
  • LOL not worth $499.99 to me I'll wait for a price drop and maybe a bigger internal HD.
  • Looking forward to picking mine up, this review just made me more excited. Bastards :p
  • @5 I think the idea with the 1tb is that if you want more it's cheaper to just buy your own external. For most people it's enough but even at 5tb it's not going to be enough for those who want more. Keep the price down and give people customize to their needs.
  • @6 It means to masturbate, but is used to mean it's crap. @7 They knew that but not how to translate it.
  • @13, it totally is though when you compare console releases of my childhood. Most new machines were $400, and some launched at $500. It was brutal then. Plus is it was basically Sega, Nintendo and Sony all jockeying for market share. $500 for a "top shelf" version is pretty fair in terms of the product itself. What's most frustrating is that it's forcing you to upgrade your TV. You can find plenty of decent deals though. The game support is difference maker. It will come. This console will be relevant for many years.
  • @17 no-one is forcing you to do anything I bought a Samsung series 9 4k TV 2 years ago - it doesn't have HDR Am i getting an One X? Fuck yes Am i gonna upgrade my TV cause it doesn't have HDR? Hell no
  • i bought a 4K UHD TV before HDR came out, bit disappointing as that is what makes the most difference with cna hardly tell the difference with the naked eye without HDR, its a fact. i think after this i am going to wait, i was going to pick one up at black friday, but this jsut reminds me its not really worth it yet. I ALSO HATE THE NEW DASHBOARD UPDATE! OLD ONE WAS BETTER!
  • I had an S, 4k TV and arms surround, since buying the X, I have not noticed and significant wow difference...try it but don't be fooled, it is not that amazing, I just always wanted a black Xbox again. Not a white or apple space grey one.
  • Atmos surround*
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