Call of Duty: WWII's Microtransactions Have Been Delayed

Call of Duty: WWII's Microtransactions Have Been Delayed

Dean Abdou

Sledgehammer has delayed microtransactions for Call of Duty: WWII so that the developers can focus on fixing the game's online issues.

Call of Duty: WWII's microtransaction currency, known as COD Points, was due to go live today but has been delayed until 21st November. Sledgehammer revealed on the Call of Duty: WWII subreddit that the reason for this delay is so that the team can focus on fixing the online issues that have been plaguing the game since it's launch.

In terms of Call of Duty's online services, things have not been running as smoothly as Sledgehammer had hoped with the game having various problems such as players suffering from disconnect issues. Slowly but surely the team has been releasing patches to fix these problems but in the meantime, things like the social space have been locked as a solo experience.

You can read more about the online issues that Call of Duty: WWII has been facing here.

  • Good on them for focusing on fixes over money
  • Lies, lies and more lies.
  • Hahahahaha holy hell WW2 is a mess and I love it. I bet Hacktivision is going to see heads roll for this.
  • Just need them to decide there not worth it and remove them from all future games now
  • This is a nice way of saying "We saw what happened to EA. Fuck that."
  • How about they get rid of microtransactions since we don't want them
  • Can they be permanently delayed please?
  • This isn't some valiant gesture to fix their game first above all else, more likely the micros just wouldn't work in the state the game is in currently.
  • @8 or they know that customers are alreadt pissed & dissatisfied with the product, so putting in micros before much needed fixes would only add fuel to the fire.
  • After playing for two weeks I'm wondering what the fuck these microtransactions would be for... It can't be for the loot boxes cos there's fuck all in them that I haven't already unlocked...
  • I was pleasantly surprised this last week that there was no coaxing whatsoever to get more money. I looked and looked and couldn't find a means to purchase more crates, points, costumes, etc. I guess it was too good to last forever but luckily there are no power ups to be bought, just weapon skins, emotes, and costumes. I agree that this was likely a reaction to the Battlefront and Shadow of War controversy and they are so smart to dial all that back. It is Sledgehammer though, so we might still see clown costumes and sparkly animated camos. But at least there is an ASM1 Speakeasy, or Bal-27. Wife got the speakeasy at level 2, I prestige 9 times and never got it, but get owned by them in multiplayer all the time.
  • @10 Loot box exclusive weapons, of course.
  • no credit, they shouldn't have micro transactions at all, why do you need anything like or loot boxes that in a COD game? Guns, mods, everything should be included or unlock able. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • At least EA and BF2 added micro transactions and offered free DLC across the board. Cod has terrible online, wants microtransactions, AND selling a $50 season pass. That's a giant F in the A with no lube. And millions of people love it every year.
  • This feces should have been called cod:ghosts 2.
  • I’m only buying treyarch cod’s from now on sledgehammer and infinity ward are fucking clueless
  • @11 if it's really only cosmetics, that would be awesome and EA should take note and learn from Activision. Could also mean that Activision has learnt a thing or two by blizzards Overwatch MT implementation, which is perfect. And if they stick to this cosmetics-only approach, it looks like it's worth it.
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