Session, a Dual-stick Skateboarding Sim, Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Session, a Dual-stick Skateboarding Sim, Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Alan Pettit

With only the abysmal Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 available on Xbox One, and the highly praised Skate franchise in limbo over at EA, it's fair to say skateboarding fans are being woefully underrepresented in gaming this generation (no offense to OlliOlli fans, but that hardly counts). If the big studios won't make it happen, often it's an indie team that answers the call. Enter: Session.

Already funded after a mere five days on Kickstarter, this skateboarding sim from newcomers crea-ture Studios looks like what fans of the sport have been waiting for. It will use dual-stick controls similar to Skate, and do away with the high score obsession of the Tony Hawk franchise, instead rewarding successes with player progression. Repeating tricks will cause your skater to become better at them, and conversely not using them for a while will cause your skills to degrade.

Session aims to give players the thrill of "expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself" rather than climbing a leaderboard and competing with others. Utilizing an extensive film mode, you'll be able to create, edit, and share clips and montages of your best tricks with the world.

With 1800 backers and $65k in funding already, Session now aims to smash some stretch goals that will make the game even bigger and better, such as more cusomtization, new locations, online multiplayer, and a full story mode. A basic pledge for Session is $20 US. crea-ture Studios hopes to enter Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in the second quarter of 2018, with a full release in late 2019.

  • Awesome.
  • Im proud to be one of the backers. If you have a semi decent PC i recommend you go on the kickstarter and download the demo. Its pre alpha and its only a small park but you can get a taste of what the game is and see if its worth your money.
  • @2 if you kickstart it, do you get a copy on the xbox?
  • definitely backing this game.
  • @3 If you go on the kickstarter youll be able to see which tiers give you what.
  • @3: You'll get to choose which platform you want it on after the campaign is over. They send a survey to confirm.
  • Hopefully, this has local co-op and some punk/hard rock tracks.
  • Looks awesome....i hope they make alot of online spot battles into the game :)
  • Looks great, but you only get an early access token for $60. The lower tiers are for the finished game in 2019. Can't afford that much and I will want the early access in May.
  • @9: That's weird. Anyone will be able to buy the GP build, so I don't know why they would limit it to a higher tier during the crowdfunding. They may be confused on how Early Access/Game Preview works and think you buy them separately? The higher tier with the EA/GP code also comes with the lower tiers, which includes a finished copy of the game. I suppose you could then sell the second code for the finished copy, since the EA/GP copy doesn't disappear and just turns into a finished copy later on.
  • This is freaking awesome I don't have credit card so I can't backup :( But when he's going to release I'm Bying it instantly
  • @10 the higher tier grants access to the developer forum, so I guess the attractive part is that you get to feedback into the game during early access. The full game may be with the lower tier as it will encorage people to buy early access acess as well. Looking at the vids, this looks great. Like the first Skate.
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