Mass Effect 2 and ME3 Now Available Digitally Outside of EA Access

Mass Effect 2 and ME3 Now Available Digitally Outside of EA Access

Alan Pettit

The final two entries of the Mass Effect series were added to the Backward Compatibility program last year on N7 Day (November 7th - get it?) but for those without an EA Access membership, only physical copies of the game worked. For whatever reason, they were available digitally inside the program, but not for sale outside of it. Today, that has changed and both games can be purchased online so you can do away with your discs if you so choose. Grab them at the links below.

This year's N7 Day was significantly less eventful with the series effectively on hold after the poor reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda. A reception I personally felt was a little unfair, as past those wonky facial animations was a pretty fun open-world shooter, which got progressively better with each patch. Sadly, the memes prior to launch spread like wildfire and did irreparable damage to its image. Maybe next year we can see a triumphant return of the franchise.

  • Because people have been clambering to finish ME3 again xD
  • I enjoyed Andromeda. Gameplay was good. And exploration wasn't too bad either. And it's a beautiful game. But clearly its story and main characters are bad. The twins have no charisma at all (OK, it's really not easy to come after Shep but still...) and all the narrative around how they are the last humans alive since the reapers may have cleared us at home is useless because we know that the threat has been dealt with centuries ago in ME3... And there is no subtlety in another main vilain who just want to "unify" everyone. I do hope they won't kill ME, but I understand why it wasn't a hit.
  • Sweet! EA finally does something right this year
  • Next year? lol more like 4-5 years. They already have a dragonage being made & their new baby anthem comes out soon. So we won't be seeing mass effect for awhile.
  • @4 probably more like 10. Once people have stopped being mad about Andromeda and just want Mass Effect back in some way.
  • @5 I honestly had no problem with ME:A, I loved it.... It's just sad that people complain about everything ( even the smallest of smallest things ) in video games now a days. One thing that's been getting me lately is PlayStation fans threating to not buy the devs games if they enhance & give them 4k 60fps on Xbox one x...WHAT!? it's very sad
  • ME:A was pure garbage and clearly had about 1/3 of the story cut to be sold as DLC later. Then they bailed on the single player DLC. I'd pay full price for the trilogy again though.
  • Playing Andromeda right now, and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Andromeda was awesome. But I played it later after it had been patched
  • Andromeda was sick, the combat revamp was excellent but as people have said the characters didn’t make the story feel attached. The worlds are beautiful and it’s a shame that it won’t get a 4K enhancement
  • Anyone else in Canada who can download ME2 but not ME3?
  • There are taking the piss I just checked the price and wow £19.99 each. Not a dam chance.
  • @6 Smallest of things? The story sucked, the enemy faction was boring, your crew was worthless, the characters were 1 note boring, the open-world was 75% lifeless, most sidequests were meaningless, the Angara were fugly... you couldn't equip, or control your squads power use. The ONLY thing MEA had going for it was the overall feel of combat, aside from squad power use control being absent. Then add that to all the animation issues for 3 months or so... it was TERRIBLE. On its own, in a vacuum, ok, not as bad, but compare it to any of the first 3... laughable at how bad. I still have my 360 discs, so no need 4 this, but they drop a $60 4k remaster of the Trilogy, I'd spend $ again.
  • For a second there I thought the headline was going to be about remasters :-(
  • @2 I couldn't agree more. Andromeda was not on par with the first three games (especially ME2,) but it wasn't as bad as the internet leads you to believe. I enjoyed it thoroughly and have never regretted it's purchase.
  • Always annoyed me that 2 and 3 never had a digital version. Rage and Witcher 2 did, and they were both multi-disc releases.
  • Don´t get me wrong, the Shepard trilogy is still better, but this is also a great game. ME:A had a different style and I think, people expected something epic right from the start. But such things need to develop and they would might go larger in scale in a ME:A 2. Cannot understand the hate for the crew or angara or whatever, in the core it is not much different than ME1. My problem were the open worlds, that stretch playtime unnecessarely. Should have been more linear. Then the main story should have been longer and you should need to do stuff on every world, since you could technically skip 3 of the 6 large planets. Oh, and more decisions should have had a direct impact in this game, for me it seems they were have to be an effect in a second game.
  • Seriously... why isn't me3 available in Canada?
  • @18 The crew, aside from Vetra were just cookie cutter archtypes. There was very little depth or character development. The Angara design was gross... it looked like a draft of a concept that got green lit as a final design. Could I do better? Probably not, but I am also not putting out my work asking people to spend money on it. MEA was basically a co-op multiplayer game, with a single player game attached. That's what EA wanted. Mass is still my #1, I've played the Trilogy at least 4 times all the way through... I haven't even finished Andromeda yet. That should say a lot.
  • @13 To each there own. I & many others loved it. A huge part of the hate this game gets, comes from people that didn't even play it....that's the sad truth.
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