Red Faction: Guerrilla Remaster Retail Listing Spotted on Scandinavian GameStop Sites

Red Faction: Guerrilla Remaster Retail Listing Spotted on Scandinavian GameStop Sites

Richard Walker

Could Red Faction: Guerrilla be the next game to be given the remastering treatment for Xbox One and PlayStation 4? A bunch of retail listings spotted on a series of Scandinavian GameStop sites seem to think so, with the Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian stores all carrying a pre-order for a possible remaster.

Spied by an intrepid Reddit user, the GameStop listings seems to suggest that Red Faction: Guerrilla could be making a comeback, giving the 2009 open-world destruction packed game set upon the surface of Mars a lick of paint for current consoles.

If these GameStop listings are legitimate, then it'll mark the first time a Red Faction game has launched since Red Faction: Armageddon back in 2011, and the first one since THQ closed its doors and nixed the Red Faction series. The publisher has since been resurrected under the name THQ Nordic, who'd presumably handle publishing duties. Watch this space.

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  • I guess that will be free with GWG eventually as well then since the original has been free. You can predict a lot of the GWG stuff, anything thats been free on the 360, that has a remaster is very likely to be free excluding those that do them as a collection like Halo MCC, Ezio Collection. But stuff like Dead rising where you can buy them individually, i can see being free.
  • This sounds like another hoax, just as the Bayonetta/Vanquish remaster pseudo-leak a few months ago. Also, the Red Faction 1 remaster wasn't even released on Microsoft's consoles, so no, I don't think we're getting a RFG remaster.
  • @2 We will get it, just wait. There are no assumptions in those lists. I was pre-ordering Assassins Creed Rogue while everyone still called it Comet, and it was weeks before Ubisoft revealed name of their templar sided adventure.
  • I wouldn’t mind. Loved the game!
  • Yes please.
  • Great news.
  • Was hoping it comes to BC but a high quality version would also be something I pay for.
  • Apart from the races yes please oh and drop the MP that was arse too just give us the brilliant SP experience and also whilst your at include the serious underated Armageddon remake too.
  • I enjoyed this game. I hope it have new achievements include as well remove off MP because MP is awful in that game and not much players played MP in it and it would waste this remaster developer time. Just singleplayer campaign only for remaster include new achievements. :)
  • @8 and 9. You guys are nuts. This game had one of the most underrated MPs of all time. I know a lot of gamers who felt the same way. The total destructability and physics were awesome. The backpack system was great as well. The MP was not dead and me and friends played it most weekends for a year. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I couldn’t possibly disagree with your more.
  • I would play a remaster version
  • I want this. One of my favorite games.
  • was looking for it on bc, remaster would a 1st day purchase for me loved the game
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