In Monster Hunter: World "Every Monster is Different" Says Producer - Video Interview

In Monster Hunter: World "Every Monster is Different" Says Producer - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Today marks Monster Hunter: World being one week away from launch, and what is arguably the biggest, most high-profile release for the series to date, especially in the west. A huge phenomenon in Japan, Monster Hunter hasn't really made the same kind of impact on western shores as yet, but Capcom will be hoping that all changes with World.

During a recent event in London, we had the chance to sit down and talk with Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto about what newcomers to the series should take into consideration before venturing into Monster Hunter: World and braving the colossal beasts that await, as well as influences and inspirations that include Game Director Yuya Tokuda's expansive lizard collection.

There's insights into the creative process that comes with building a monster too, as well as what goes into making the game's diverse environments. Check out our brief chat with Tsujimoto-san below to find out more, then check out our gameplay video here, if you haven't already. Monster Hunter: World launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 26th January.

  • You mean they won't "infect" the monster with some gooey stuff with a weird color call it a "new enemy type"? Innovation! On a serial note: Game looks totes. I look forward to trying the PS4 beta this weekend. And playing it on xbox of course.
  • I like how rich asks the questions and dan is translating the Japanese language (yeh its not dan, is it)
  • This game better be be good. Yeah ye yeah man. Real good now. I want Zelda Pok√©mon. And rolled into one. Is that what this game is like? I never played them. I want to like them. Help me out so I can get excited about it. Jeeze. I gotta go to bed. I love the xbAcheevos crowd. You guys are boss.
  • #3 If you're expecting Zelda and Pokemon out of MH then you're expecting the wrong thing.
  • @ Its more like Phantasy Star Online meets Dragons Dogma
  • I finally tried the beta and it's pretty limited on what's available. The controls are pretty odd. Items, potions and traps are all mixed in radial menus that share space with silly images and chat options. The map is a lot smaller than I would have guessed and you run into your mark really quickly and usually don't need to track it at all. @3: You can't really compare it to many other games, so don't do that unless you are looking for disappointment.
  • @6 the game isn't gonna be like the beta at all in terms of searching for your monster they just did that for beta sakes in the full release it's gonna be like the other Monster hunter games @3 What? lol I really mean WHAT!?!?!?!? Don't know where the Zelda idea came from or the Pokemon one no where did they show puzzles and no where did they show monster being captured sooooooo idk what you's thinking lol
  • @3 - drunk?
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