7 Things We Want From Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

7 Things We Want From Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Richard Walker

Earlier this week, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, an industry insider declared that 2018's Call of Duty game will be Black Ops 4. And with Treyarch on development duties this year, that's hardly surprising given that its last three CoDs have all been Black Ops games.

While there's always the possibility that World at War 2 could one day happen, it seems unlikely with Call of Duty: WWII releasing last year. An original non-Black Ops title seems too risky when you consider how lucrative the past entries in the series have been, so we're of the opinion that Black Ops 4 is a fairly safe bet.

With that in mind, we've set to thinking what we'd like to see from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, assuming that's what's in store for Activision's shooter juggernaut this year. (If you'd prefer to have a read, we've posted the script below the video).

A Story That Makes Sense - First of all, how about a story that makes sense this time? I mean, kudos to Treyarch for trying to get to grips with complicated concepts in Black Ops 3, but the whole narrative was all over the place. I'd make an attempt to explain Black Ops 3's story right now, but I wouldn't really know where to start. Toying with perceptions of what's real and what isn't, you never quite knew where you were. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Black Ops 3's story was bad, what I am saying is that it was too convoluted. Paring it down, keeping it simple and going back to basics could work wonders for Black Ops 4, as long as Treyarch can weave a compelling enough narrative.

Bin the Advanced Movement Stuff – After Advanced Warfare, Blacks Ops III and Infinite Warfare all included jetpacks and wall-running, alongside FPS rival Titanfall, we're growing a bit weary of zipping about all over the place at high-speed. It's the reason that Call of Duty: WWII and its 'boots-on-the-ground' philosophy worked: going back to CoD's roots was just what the series needed, and if Black Ops 4 were to do the same, (and with a modern day setting rumoured, it's likely) it could be a similarly effective shot in the arm for Treyarch's latest CoD effort. And for those longing for jetpacks and wall-running, there could always be a mode that caters for that in multiplayer.

Make it More Visually Distinct – While Black Ops 3 looked nice enough, its near-future sci-fi setting was slightly anodyne. While a modern day setting might mean that Treyarch can't necessarily let its imagination run wild, choose some exotic locations and heap on some stylised elements, and Black Ops 4 could look unique. Sure, Call of Duty has its own identity, and you usually know exactly what to expect, but what if Treyarch decided to be adventurous and really make Black Ops 4 stand out as an entirely fresh proposition? It probably won't happen: Call of Duty is too big and recognisable a brand to really change now, but we'd love to see what Treyarch could come up with if it went off-road.

Keep WWII's Headquarters Social Space – It didn't work properly at launch, but Call of Duty: WWII's HQ social space was a fine idea, giving CoD something akin to Destiny's tower as a place to hang out and mess around. Black Ops 3 had a social space of its own for co-op and something similar to share with your buddies again would be great, but adding a place where you can rub shoulders with friends and enemies alike in Black Ops 4's multiplayer would be more than welcome too. Give WWII's beachside HQ a modern day twist – like a working military base or whatever – and we'll be happy.

Give Zombies Mode a Kick Up the Backside – A lot of players love Call of Duty's Zombies Mode with a passion, which is why it's now become a staple across the series having once been exclusive to Treyarch's CoD games. It was Treyarch that came up with the idea, so perhaps now should be the time for the developer to take it to the next level. Infinite Warfare offered a fresh take with its 80s-inspired Zombies in Spaceland, and we'd like to see Treyarch attempt something similar. Black Ops 3's Shadows of Evil hinted at something different, its swinging speakeasy style proving good fun, while the masses of secrets and easter eggs kept the hardcore hooked for ages. More of the same kind of thing is nice, but more Zombies in a different vein would be even better. We know we're asking for a lot here, but we're only speculating, alright?

Expand the 4-Player Co-Op Fun – We take it for granted now that when Treyarch makes a CoD game, 4-player co-op is in there as standard. Hopefully, if Black Ops 4 turns out to be a thing, 4-player co-op will be front and centre once again, giving you the opportunity to beat the campaign together with friends. But what about a few separate co-op modes outside of the campaign and Zombies, like WWII's War mode perhaps? Or even better, what about altering the campaign experience based on how many players are playing, so that you each experience the story from a slight different perspective? Granted, that might be a tall order, but we're sure Treyarch could pull it off.

More Secrets and Easter Eggs - We'd say that another bout of Dead Ops Arcade is a given, but then again, who knows? Treyarch has always been adept at squirrelling away little hidden secrets and easter eggs throughout its games, and we're hopeful that Black Ops 4 will be no different. Easter Eggs in Zombies mode are a given, but we're after more secrets in the campaign and its menus, whether its hidden mini-games like Dead Ops Arcade or little cheats and what not, count us in for more, please!

And you know what? You can count us in for more across the board. Treyarch never really disappoints when it comes to the amount of content it crams into a CoD game, and we're sure Black Ops 4 (again, if it does turn out to be a thing) won't fail to deliver in that respect once more. Now just give us all that with the stuff we've just listed and you can count us happy gun-toting bunnies.

  • When I saw the article I also thought that I'd just take a story that made sense
  • zombies in my opinion should of just stayed with treyarch as they are the only ones that manage to do a good job OK the other teams had ago at trying it there way but i was not drawn in like i am with treyarch's as for changing zombies up yea sure but not to much because i love there zombies and i don't want it to be ruined and have to agree with the WWII headquarters that was a good idea and i think it should be kept as part of cod now either way if its BOG or Jet packs treyarch are at the helm so it wont be bad have to say out of all the Jet pack Cods i played there's was the best it felt smooth and yea add war enjoyed that mode but really treyarch don't really have to change to much to me they are the best for cod and for all u keyboard warriors out there yea i know there is no grammer and that but all well.
  • Thing number 8: A different time period. Thing number 9. Not Black ops 4. Thing number 10: Battlefield 2.
  • Titanfall was the only one of these games that did the jumping and wall running correctly.
  • @2 i agree with you on the zombies thing, its why i simply dont buy a non treyarch game for zombies, i liked when they did their own thing with the aliens that one time, that was neat i guess.. like more variety is great, like.. prehaps.. aliens for one. robots or something for another and zombies for treyarch.. keeps things fresh and lets them explore their own ideas.. i personally think since treyarch made zombies they should stick with it. the other modes are just clunky or dont have that spirit. its just zombies because .. zombies.. and thats the problem.
  • MW2 and MW3 backwards compatible would be nice.
  • I just want Black Ops 2
  • @2 I don't think I'm being a keyboard warrior by saying that post could've done with a few periods or commas. It was actually hard to read. Couldn't tell where one thought ended and another began.
  • maybe they should try something new
  • Things I want: The game not to come out. If that can't happen, just fuck Jason Blundell off; he's run it into the ground.
  • Seriously how can you go from human augments back to boots on the ground? Can’t they just make a new series in the franchise? It seems they are just clinging onto the black ops name because they made the most cash from micro transactions off BO3. Zombies can fuck off and so can Easter eggs. If they want to Do it properly just make a story mode for zombies, wave combat with story elements is bullshit and always has been. More story focused with something that actually makes sense please
  • I'd love to see a COD do something different. How bout COD movies, where each level is based off a big action scene from a movie. We don't need no proper storylines anymore. Turn off infinite respawn, it makes the game so boring, clear a room out, start collecting some ammo and bam, the room is full again, you can literally just keep running to checkpoints spraying bullets. Most levels have you going from A to B, so instead of infinite enemies, have smarter ones, they get you pinned down, they'll sneak, hide, climb on things, more realistic, they are careful with ammo and vice versa. Keep the offline mode for split screen with bots as that can be fun but give us a massive ton of options. I loved survival in MW3 but it needed more options like hunt, where the enemy doesn't know where you are, and have to search for you, so you can choose guns blazing, or sneak round taking one out at a time.
  • I won't buy another cod with zombies. So boring and at times insanly luck based trying to get one weapon you need for the Easter eggs. Why did spec ops the mode I enjoyed only lasted one game?!
  • The one thing I want from Black Ops 4 is for them to put this abortion of a franchise out of it's misery already. It's not been good since CoD5 which is like a decade ago now. Made the mistake of giving WW2 a go, and my god, it was the most terrible FPS I've played in a long long time - felt like something put together by a bunch of kids as a mod for some low rate indie FPS. Quite how a professional studio can get away with putting out an FPS with such an awful story, only 6 vs 6 multiplayer, fundamentally broken game mechanics (built in aimbot with quickscope so you don't even need to aim to play the game), and a zombies mode that would put even someone who'd taken a kilogram of speed to sleep I've no fucking idea. Thankfully EA sounds like they've figured out what people like with their proposal for Battlefield this year, so at least there'll still be at least one military FPS worth playing that isn't stuck in the 90s. God knows what they're going to try to make CoD not a flop this year given they've already used their modern warfare remaster card to make Infinite Warfare not a complete abject failure in terms of sales.
  • I for one would love to see a zombies skipped one year for the return of extinction. Really underrated if you ask me.
  • @15 if anyone is going to skip zombies it won't be treyarch. they're the only ones who can do it right.
  • something that is similar as mw2/mw3 and bo2. and no crates.
  • For those of us with taste, we just don't want COD, thanks. It hasn't been good for 10 years.
  • I don't give a fuck about your incoming down-votes because you are a depressed generation anyway that does not appreciate anything anymore, so here it is: 1. That misery of Zombie mode must disappear. If you want to play zombies, you have different and dedicated games for that. Leave my Call of Duty alone! 2. Don't include multiplayer achievements! 3. Bring the Special Ops back to the franchise! 4. For the single player campaign, focus on real facts, tell a credible story, there are fortunate and UN-fortunate stories out there in the real world, God knows that half a planet unfortunately suffers from hunger and violence so that a bunch of people like us can take everything for granted, can enjoy those stories in 4K resolutions on 3000$ TVs and 2000$ sofas, while getting depressed over small problems and having real life and mental issues over "huge" and pressing problems like microtransactions.
  • How about for the game to not be made st all
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