Cyberpunk Shooter Ruiner Gets Free Annihilation Update

Cyberpunk Shooter Ruiner Gets Free Annihilation Update

Richard Walker

Adding a new Arena Mode and online leaderboards, the new Annihilation update for top-down cyberpunk shooter Ruiner is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The final update for the game, Annihilation also includes the previously PC-only Savage Update on console, adding New Game+ Mode, Speedrun Mode and more. New weapons, finishing moves, outfits and additional gameplay updates also feature in the Annihilation Update.

You can grab the free Annihilation Update for Ruiner now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and take a look at it in the gameplay video below. A 50% discount on the game is also lined up for March on Xbox One, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

  • Game is a blast. I also read that they tweaked the difficulty, making Easy difficulty even easier? Not sure about that.
  • This is difficult compared to many modern games... if you don’t like it being too easy, play on a higher difficulty. So unnecessary to complain about.
  • @#2 Right on, I've started it on hard and it is no walk in the park. At the same time it feels like just another twin stick shooter. Stopped after first level and haven't had need to come back yet...
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