The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox One X Looks Phenomenal  Video

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition on Xbox One X Looks Phenomenal – Video

Richard Walker

One of the latest Xbox 360 games to be given some Xbox One X Enhanced love, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition looks pretty effing sensational on Microsoft's spiffy 4K beauty. So much so, in fact, you wouldn't think it's an almost six-year old game.

But then, like the original Assassin's Creed before it - a more than ten-year old game - with its own Xbox One X Enhanced paint job, The Witcher 2 is something of a poster boy for the nine-times extra textural detail you get when playing the enhanced version on the X. Don't believe us? Then how about another comparison video, eh?!

Sticking the Xbox One S and Xbox One X Enhanced versions of The Witcher 2 side-by-side, there's a very clear winner in the 'which one looks a million times prettier' stakes, and as always, we tested out a few different scenes to make sure it really does look as good as we think it does. See for yourself below, then keep an eye out for more comparison videos to come.

  • I may need to play this again!
  • Are we really praising the fact that the one x, that is as powerful as a PC, is able to play old gen games at a better performance? Is this not to be expected?
  • @2 Did you even watch the comparison video?
  • Remaster 1 and 2 plz
  • @2: The point is that it's awesome and free and Microsoft should be getting praise for doing it when they didn't have to.
  • @5 I totally agree, I don't own an Xbox one X as I still have the old Xbox one (not even the S), but just the option of putting a 360 game or an original xbox game in the xbox one and getting it to run (sometimes even better than original hardware as seen with the x) is amazing! sure pc was doing it since forever when you can tweak settings there, but some of us like to sit infront of a console, pop in a disc (or download if that's your thing) and just enjoy the game, and so far the xbox one is doing it best, why my ps4 can't do the same is sad considering my ps3 can play ps1 games, I went a little sideways here but you get me. Microsoft is doing an amazing job!
  • Confused about this, I have Witcher 2:AOK but it doesn’t show up as X enhanced. Does it have to be a particular version?
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