Fable Anniversary on Xbox One X is Pretty Much a Remaster of a Remaster - Video

Fable Anniversary on Xbox One X is Pretty Much a Remaster of a Remaster - Video

Richard Walker

Hot on the heels of our The Witcher 2 comparison video yesterday, today we're putting Fable Anniversary under the microscope, seeing how the backward compatible Xbox 360 title measures up on Xbox One S and in its Xbox One X Enhanced guise. Do those nine-times more pixels make for richer textures?

Again, we put the game's frame rate through its paces on both consoles, before taking a close-up look at the visual detail on show, to see whether the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Fable Anniversary is as big a leap forward as the other enhanced Xbox 360 games have proved to be.

We're consistently taken aback by how great these Xbox One X enhancement jobs make old games look, but is this 2014 remaster made to look like even more of a remaster on the X? Or is the visual and performance upgrade negligible? Take a look at how good Fable Anniversary looks on Xbox One X in our latest comparison below. Keep an eye out for Crackdown and Forza Horizon comparisons soon!

  • A 14-year-old game should cost $10-15 tops. Even if it's prettier on the x1x the mechanics are dated and it's not up to par with modern games. $40 is outrageous.
  • @1 don’t buy the game then.
  • @1 It depends entirely on how much work was done to remaster, test and distribute the new version on modern platforms. What about the mechanics are dated? It pretty much has some fairly standard 3rd-person hack and slash action.
  • Hahaha I just put twenty hours into it two weeks ago and completed it. Figures. Still, what an awesome game.
  • Still need to play it on Xbox 360 to get the smartglass achievement. Assbackwards compatible.
  • @5, same here, only achievement I don't have. It doesn't work through Xbox One backwards compatibility. And Game Pass doesn't work on 360. So you have to buy a copy.
  • @6, go check your local library. No point in buying the game just for that one achievement. That’s what I did and I was lucky enough that they had it.
  • @2 I didn't. That doesn't change the fact that the game is overpriced, and that others should avoid it as well. Lower the demand and the price will come down. If others pay the high price, future games may come out at a similar price point. @3 The mechanics are antiquated because no one cared about "combat balance" in 2004. In fact, Fable was one of the games that sparked the conversation, because Magic ran out too fast and didn't feel damaging enough, while Range was slow and weak. Until, of course, you used Slow Time and completely broke the game. Also, the character animations, lock-on, and camera all feel stiff and odd. The quests and missions are linear, cookie cutter fetch quests…and that's what I remember off the top of my head.
  • No thanks. I am DONE with all these Cash-Grab Remasters. You want my $, come out with something new. 90% of all titles on this Console Generation are either remasters or Steam ports.
  • the $39.99 price is the usual XBL rip off price point, looked on amazon and you get it for £13 second hand and up to £30 for a new copy Also this hardly a remaster of a remaster, it was more like remaster slightly enhanced but the title does make good click bait ;)
  • Do most of you kids not have a job or something? $40 is only like 30 quid and that isn't much.
  • @9 It isn't a remaster. Fable Anniversary cam in Feb 2014, this is just an X Enhanced BC game, where the enhancement makes a huge difference and is basically another remaster job itself. The X Enhancement is free.
  • Awesome game!
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