Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, and Axel & Pixel Now Backward Compatible

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, and Axel & Pixel Now Backward Compatible

Alan Pettit

Microsoft has added three new games to the Backward Compatibility program today. From Ubisoft, the 2012 entry to the Ghost Recon franchise, Future Soldier; From Konami, a remaster of the 2010 PSP Metal Gear Solid title, Peace Walker; and finally, an XBLA offering from 2K Games, the 2009 adventure Axel & Pixel. Sadly, Axel & Pixel has been delisted, so unless you purchased it previously, that will be unavailable. Download links for the other two games are available below, and physical copies of them will also work.

There are now 479 games on the BC program. See them all here.

  • shit haven't played future soldier in literally fuck knows how long, wonder if multiplayer would still be alive with this being bc
  • MGS:PW finally!!!!
  • PW HD but not 2 and 3 HD? Fucking sort it out Konami
  • Axel and pixel was great. Well the mini games weren't.
  • Ooh, Peace Walker. Nice. Maybe I can finally finish it!
  • Good call #3
  • @3 Calm down. So... you own those games that aren't backwards-compatible? It must mean you owned a Xbox 360 to play it on. Stop acting like an entitled child if you no longer own a 360 to play it on (that's YOUR fault)! I own two original Xboxes, three Xbox 360's (and two Xbox One & one Xbox One X console(s)). I "like" being able to play previous Xbox platforms on Xbox One (it's convenient or it just looks and runs better)... but it isn't necessary for me, and I certainly don't get "upset" that something I wish were BC isn't. When you act like that... that's that entitled behavior that no one respects. Also your language (and that of poster #1) is another indicator of immaturity. Say what you want, and I'm all about anyone's freedom of speech... but you'll always be remembered by any lack of decorum! I'm pleased that "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" is BC... as it should be easier to get some of my friends to play it (since they won't have to switch consoles, headsets, etc., to play). I do hope if "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter" is ever made BC... that they reset the leaderboards (unlikely), but that they arrange for them to reset "every" month (more unlikely), like was done for "Burnout Revenge" (before their servers were taken offline)!
  • @7 Do us all a favour and stfu and get your "I own all consoles blah blah" outta here.
  • @7 *sigh* Yes, I still own my 360. But I have limited space to plug everything I own in. I'd rather not have to unplug things to move my 360 and plug it in as well. Bit of a hassle. Some laziness? Sure. But you're also forgetting PW HD literally comes part of MGS HD which has 2 and 3 HD. I don't think it's too "entitled" to ask Konami to also make those BC. It's in the same box!
  • @7 @8 @9 I own all three Xboxes and right now they all sitting under my TV all hooked up and ready to play, but I do want to see Metal Gear 2+3 and others on backwards compatible cause I prefer to play my Xbox One X, Mafia 2 went BC and I've been playing it lately after almost 6 years after I last played it (got one more level to beat on Hard) and it's not an "entitled" issue to want to play a game on the best console to be able to play it. Look at what BC has done for Witcher II with the X update, it looks better then half the Xbox One games out
  • @7 You're such a twat lol
  • why would a delisted game bother going backwards compatible? I know it's nice for people who own it. But it's not like it's going to drum up new sales for the game. I don't know the costs of making something backwards compatible. But it seems like a weird business decision
  • Seriously, happy Peace Walker is here, but MGS 2&3 are classics that belong on Xbox One. It NEEDS to happen.
  • @7 Boasting about what you still own and condemning others for not owning the systems still, despite not being knowledgeable of their circumstances, doesn't really show you to be very mature either. Wasn't a fan of Peace Walker but have some friends who'll be pleased. I too would like to see MGS 2 & 3 made backwards compatible in addition. Though at this point I'm far more interested in what the next original Xbox games added to the programme will be.
  • So, I clicked on the martketplace link to Peace Walkers... that game has the longest list of mature themes under its ESRB rating (more than GTA). And it’s not still rated T lol
  • Interesting that Axel and Pixel is digital-only and also removed from the store.
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