SEGA Teases a New Sonic Racing Game

SEGA Teases a New Sonic Racing Game

Richard Walker

SEGA has teased a new Sonic racing game during last night's SXSW Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Panel. Sharing the same font and stylisation as 1997's SEGA Saturn Sonic R logo, the teaser features bits of a car and the sound of a revving engine.

According to SEGA PR Manager Aaron Webber, “it’s not a sequel to any previous game we’ve released,” so while the game won't necessarily be a follow-up to Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, it clearly appears to be a Sonic racing game of some description.

The fact that the obscured word in the teaser logo is clearly 'racing', makes this a no-brainer. But are we looking at a kart racer in a similar vein to Transformed or something different for the blue blur? For now, we'll have to wait and see. Also revealed at the panel was a collaboration with Puma to make the RS-0 Sonic trainers, as shown in the trailer below. They'll be out in June 2018.

  • Hey itleast its not a sonic R remake, i do hope its fun regardless though.
  • Why..
  • Yes to all these things. Sure most his games have been bad lately (besides mania) but my love for Sonic won't die ^-^ and I would buy a pair of these pumas lol
  • Did they specify which consoles ? I’d guess they’d do a Sonic and Mario Racing game.. I mean, they did a game with Rabbids, that would be a natural. Otherwise, I’d hope for a decent racer on current gens that could rival Mario kart.
  • I can’t mf wait. I’m gunna get those shoes.
  • Hmmmm, was hoping if we got another racing game it would be something like Sonic Riders, but I guess I'll keep an ear out for this and see if it becomes anything good.
  • I loved the 2nd one, I can't wait for this!
  • Is it cursed ? (20G) Race a lap in reverse as Tails Doll at midnight while "Can you feel the sunshine" is playing
  • Let's hope this one isn't stupidly hard like All-Stars Racing Transformed was!
  • The little blue bastard seems to be doing well right now on the game front
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