Is NieR: Automata Coming to Xbox One?

Is NieR: Automata Coming to Xbox One?

Richard Walker

One of 2017's best PS4 games could be making the jump to Xbox One, if swirling rumours are to be believed. Apparently, NieR: Automata, having sold 2.5 million copies, helping to save developer Platinum Games in the process, could be coming to Microsoft's console soon.

The rumour originates from French site JeuxVideo and seems entirely viable, since no exclusivity agreement was ever in place between Square Enix and Sony, the decision to release NieR: Automata made solely as a financial one. Now that the game has managed to reach healthy sales figures on PS4, while also garnering critical acclaim, an Xbox One version would make sense.

The JeuxVideo writer reporting the rumour also took to Twitter to state that his sources are sound on this, so fingers crossed that we'll be hearing a NieR: Automata for Xbox One announcement soon, possibly from Microsoft's main stage during E3 next month. You can check out our PS4 NieR: Automata review on our sister site here.

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  • Square Enix is the publisher. So might be possible.
  • This would be awesome if true, especially if they did a re-print of the limited edition that I just missed out on last time.
  • Hope so. Game looks fantastic.
  • I really hope this is true. I'm looking to get a PS4 in the coming months and this fantastic looking game was one of the main games I was looking at picking up. It'd be a great get for Xbox and we need more Japanese style games like this on the Xbox platform.
  • One less reason not to own a PlayStation 4. So when Nioh coming over its not made by sony so i see no reason it cant come over
  • Get ready for a xbox one x vs ps4 pro comparison video.
  • OMG I hope so. I want to play this soo bad. Was looking to borrow a PS4 so I could buy this
  • God yeeeeees.
  • @5 Team Ninja has been Sony fanboys since Itagaki left, so don't get your hopes up on seeing that Nioh coming to the Xbox. Hayashi has never liked the Xbox since Itagaki was there and I don't see him to change his tune.
  • I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • It must be, cause I'm getting the feeling Platinum is about to make a resurgence. Something new might be in the pipeline that's not a license game. (Fingers crossed for Vanquish 2 and Anarchy Reigns 2)
  • @#11 I really enjoyed vanquish but I thought Anarchy Reigns was terrible especially that awful online.
  • @ #10 Wow, somebody's not very hopeful!
  • this game became my favourite game of all time. i wouldnt hesitate to play it on xbox as well. plus more people get experience this awesome game
  • posting on a bank holiday weekend? or just in before people moan 'already seen this your late!'
  • Here's an article from a years ago, so it's entirely possible...
  • @14 I feel the same way man. The game was just absolutely amazing. Such good story telling as well.
  • I’ve been hoping for this to come, especially on E3 since Phil Spencer mentioned about trying to get Japanese games on xbox. Would love to play this the Xbox one X. I have it for Pc but it’s definitely not the best version unfortunately. Hope this is true!
  • After Microsoft canceling Scalebound, do you think Platinum would want to deal with them ever again? Or since Automata was published by Square Enix would Platinum not have a say in this?
  • I find it funny that people think a company would hold petty grievances when money is involved.
  • @19 Get the Fk over scalebond already. I guarantee if it came out, you would be on here crying about how bad it is, or how glitchy it is anyways. & for you thinking platinum isn't going to do something to make money, makes me wanna just die laughing in your face. Sht you dont think the dev's of gears & forza want their game on ps? Because if it was me I'd want it on all to max my chance of profit. Once again.... GET OVER SCALEBOND!
  • Seriously, why even do that. I bought a ps4 pro for games like Nier and No Mans Sky. What's the point of exclusives if they don't stay exclusive. If the developers need more money, they should think about that before they strike deals with a platform owner. Might as well sell my ps4 again
  • @19 The question is more like whether Microsoft wants to ever deal with Platinum again. Microsoft must have had their reasons to cancel SB.
  • I'd love that !
  • @#22 there was never a deal to say it was exclusive, I have a PS4, I'd never sell it tho for games like god of war and the NIS and atelier games that will never come to xbox.
  • @22: As #25 mentioned, there was never an exclusivity deal in place for this game. Platinum felt the game would be best received on PS4 and decided to only develop for PS4. They said even before the game was released if it did well enough, they'd consider an Xbox One port. And here we are.
  • Some weird comments here about games that should "stay" exclusive to a specific console. I always like having options and the more JRPGs on the Xbox One the merrier I will be. I also have a PS4 which I got because of the JRPG factor. I would still have gotten it even if there were more JRPGs on the Xbox One because it would still have unique "japanese" games. Hoping that Nier Automata will find its way onto the Xbox One. : )
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