Could These Cryptic Images Be Pointing to Bethesda Revealing RAGE 2 Next Week

Could These Cryptic Images Be Pointing to Bethesda Revealing RAGE 2 Next Week?

Richard Walker

Remember that daft Walmart leak from a few days ago? It seems that the retailer could have been onto something with its listing of RAGE 2, as Bethesda has begun tweeting a series of teaser images daubed in garish pink, and many seem to think it could be related to a RAGE sequel.

The madness started with the official RAGE Twitter responding to the Walmart leak with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for where the shoddily thrown together store listing for RAGE 2 went wrong, with what looks to be very distinctive pink scrawling. That particular shade of pink appears to be a motif, for some reason.

But it's also what connects the distinctly pink teaser images of Big Ben showing the time '5:14', a rocket ship with '5-14' on its nosecone, and an image of Sukiyabashi Crossing in Japan. The connection appears to point to a RAGE 2 reveal of some sort coming on 14th May, unless the whole of the internet is very much mistaken.

Could we be seeing RAGE 2 among Bethesda's E3 2018 showcase on 10th June, with a pre-reveal first thing next week? Much stranger things have happened, so we wouldn't rule it out, especially since Bethesda is planning to go big at E3 this year. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon enough.

  • still waiting for prey dlc that was teased aswell so hopefully see that announced soon
  • I'd love Rage 2 and hopefully Rage 1 remastered as a preorder bonus or something!!
  • Pictures 2/3 both say 5.14.Maybe a trailer or something in a few days.
  • Ok i see rich already said that. Was just pumped to see some rage 2 stuff.
  • @3 nice pick up, didn't notice until i read your comment.
  • June 10th will have the E3 reveal of the Prey 1.5 game on the moon. Arkane's twitter account is basically confirming it. I also hope for a Rage remaster. It looked amazing, but it was on 3 discs with no DLC and all DLC is not available on a hard copy. If they took the entire game, plus the Sewers DLC and Scorchers expansion pack, it would all fit on 1 Xbox One disc, and use less compression to run better. It could at least be upgraded to 1080p on Xbox One with 4K on Xbox One X. If they did more than that I would consider it a bonus, but would love to get the whole complete Rage on 1 disc. I expect this to be the best E3 in a long time.
  • OXM thinks the Bethesda rocket 5-14 images are their new space RPG called Starfield. If true, it still does not change that by E3 Rage 2 will be revealed.
  • Rage was a solid game, with a half assed story that abruptly ended before going anywhere. I feel like it was a game that was maybe a victim of it's own marketing & expectations. It was hyped as a return for ID, a brand new fps universe, celeb voices, never before seen blend of vehicle & shooter action, etc. Everything about the game worked & worked well, I would very much welcome a sequel & I think it would do well.
  • Nah, perhaps Brink 2?
  • If ID is behind RAGE 2, I'm all for it. Still would like to see an expansion for Doom, or another Quake soon.
  • Rage 2 excellent if true.
  • @9 what a massive flop that would be haha
  • I loved RAGE. Hope this is true!
  • Hope it has an ending this time. Rage was a damn fine game aside from that.
  • Why do people want a remaster of a 7 year old game?! I liked it but damn we need to get past the constant stream of re-masters and re-releases.
  • Rage was one of my all time favorite games . Would be very excited if this news were true
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