Insane Robots Heading to Consoles This July

Dean Abdou

Playniac has announced that Insane Robots will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this July and have released a new launch trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Insane Robots lets players lead a robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas by card battling their way to the top. It will feature both local and online multiplayer battles along with a 15-hour long single-player campaign where your mission is to overthrow the megalomaniacal Kernel.

It also features:

  • 46 robots and find over 100 augments to boost their abilities
  • Tactical options to survive randomly generated survival arenas
  • A 22-token battle deck so you can define your own style of play
  • Over 150 branching story events
  • Five types of hazardous environments from lush jungles to barren Moonscapes

Insane Robots will be heading to PlayStation 4 on 10th July and Xbox One on 13th July. You can check out the launch date announcement trailer below.

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