Halo Infinite Announced is Master Chiefs Grandest Adventure Yet

Halo Infinite Announced, is Master Chief's Grandest Adventure Yet

Richard Walker

Microsoft has opened strong with its Xbox E3 2018 showcase, with a teaser for Halo Infinite, the next entry in Master Chief's ongoing adventure.

Apparently, this will be Chief's biggest adventure yet, as he sets out to save humanity from extinction once again. Presumably he'll be doing that with an Assault Rifle and a Needler or something.

We'll have more on Halo Infinite as and when it emerges. For now, here's the E3 2018 announcement trailer.

  • The announcement feels rather 'halow'!
  • Another halo game great, what’s next another gears?? Another forza? Yawn
  • Is it just me, or was anyone else getting survival procedural generation vibes from that trailer and the name?
  • I was really surprised to see that they've created a brand new engine for the series. It makes me wonder if perhaps this might be a more open world/co-op centric Halo. The release window is going to be interesting. Will Microsoft be brave enough to release both Halo and Gears in the same year? Or could this be a launch title for next gen?
  • @2 As a long time Xbox fan: Yes please!
  • Without actual footage how can anyone begin to call this the grandest adventure yet?
  • Halo 2 on legendary is the greatest adventure.
  • To me, they showed nothing. A video showcasing what the new engine can do? Man they can show that any day of the year! Showing a new Halo teaser after more than two years after H5 and all we see are landscapes?, what a piece of shit. What a lost opportunity at E3 To me, they showed nothing about Halo
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