Microsoft Studios Has Acquired Ninja Theory Compulsion Games Undead Labs and Opened New Studio The Initiative

Microsoft Studios Has Acquired Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, Undead Labs and Opened New Studio The Initiative

Richard Walker

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has just announced that he's been on a bit of a spending spree, adding no less than five developers to the Microsoft Studios family, including Hellblade and DmC studio Ninja Theory and State of Decay team Undead Labs.

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has also been bought up by Microsoft Studios, as has We Happy Few creator Compulsion Games. And as if that's not enough, Microsoft has also founded and opened a brand new studio in Santa Monica, called 'The Initiative'.

Spencer didn't say what The Initiative is working on, but adding all of these studios under the Microsoft Studios umbrella is a hell of a coup, and should mean more Xbox exclusive in the future.

  • What?! He's acquired Ninja Theory?! Oh snap! I bet the meltdowns on this announcements will be plentiful. Let's go, Phil!!!! Way to open up new studios and acquiring others.
  • as much as its a shock for me on this news, they need a team that is similar to Sony's ICE team to push the console to the max. sure slipstream looks good but if they could apply what i said earlier on all xbox exclusives then there would be a fighting chance.
  • Acquiring Ninja Theory is huge. They're a studio that has the potential to create a TLOU/God of War type experience for Microsoft. Phil Spencer is a shrewd man.
  • This is really good news for the future of first party games. Also Phil did acknowledge that Playground is working on a totally new game that is outside their usual sandbox, so maybe those Fable rumors are true...
  • I'm hoping the dev companies get used properly not like when MS got Rare, and they did nothing with them for years...
  • This was arguably the biggest reveal of their conference. This is going to lead to another very interesting E3 next year with some big exclusive titles revealed.
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