This Weeks Deals with Gold Include Division Spotlight Sale Telltale Discounts

This Week's Deals with Gold Include Division Spotlight Sale, Telltale Discounts

Richard Walker

There's a deceptively large selection of things discounted on the Xbox Store this week, with a couple of fairly substantial Spotlight Sales peppered amid the usual Deals with Gold bargains. The Division and Telltale Games titles are in the frame this week, among other things.

Batman, The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Guardians of the Galaxy, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and others (including rubbish survival game 7 Days to Die) are all on offer in the Telltale Publisher Sale, while The Division and a vast array of DLC for the game feature in the latest Spotlight Sale.

As for the regular Deals with Gold, fans of dungeon crawlers can pick up Diablo III: Eternal, while Mordheim and We Are The Dwarves are also discounted, as are a host of indie titles including Goliath and Hammerwatch. Euro Fishing and its expansions are also worth reeling in at half the usual price. Take a look:

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  • Hmm. Looks like my wages are going on Telltale games this weekend then. Definitely need Enemy Within, Minecraft S2, and Walking Dead S3, plus a couple more that I've already played on 360.
  • Too bad they're not discounting the WD collection as well... That's the only one I don't own already :/
  • Minecraft S2 is the only Telltale game I haven’t played, and unless it’s free, I never will. 50% off is tempting but I hated the first one. Refuse to pay for the second one.
  • @2 TWD Collection is pretty cheap when you pre-order the final season. You get it for free with it then, which meeans the final season and the collection for like €24,- I don't pre-order much digitally but that's a solid offer imo.
  • Would be nice if MW3 would go backwards comp then. Every time I see e a high profile game like that not backwards compatible I have to wonder why.
  • @5 MS just made MW3 BC 31 mins ago (saw them post it on Xbox UK)
  • I wish it always worked that way.
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