Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Now Backward Compatible on Xbox One

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Now Backward Compatible on Xbox One

Alan Pettit

Microsoft has added one new game to the Backward Compatibility program today. Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now playable on Xbox One, becoming the ninth game in the franchise to make the jump. A download link for the title is available below, and physical copies will work as always.

There are now 512 games on the BC program. See them all here.

  • So MW2Remastered should just be confirmed now.
  • Thats it’s sale price? To be fair, good game.
  • This was the last good CoD, then 6 years of crap.
  • @3 Ghosts was okay. But BO3 was awful.
  • MW2 should be made back compat along with COD4 MW. But Hacktivision will want to milk money from the remasters first. Or could be because of court decisions after they ousted West and Zampella.
  • @2&3 The last good CoD was Blops 2. Ghosts killed the franchise, in my opinion
  • Still want a ghosts 2. You just get kidnapped at the end of ghosts and it was never resolved.
  • That was CoDs identity getting dragged off. Never to return.
  • I just filled the cup
  • Call o duty want down hill after Call of Duty 3
  • £12.49 in the UK if anyone's interested.
  • @4 I actually have never seen anyone admit they like Ghost. I preferred it over everything since blops 1 and mw2. Wasn’t great, but it was at least tolerable.
  • The best Call of Duty is the one you last enjoyed. If that's not your favorite, what are you doing?
  • @2, if you don't know by now, CoD games never go on sale for anything less than $10-15, unless you buy it from a 3rd party (Amazon, eBay, etc). Obviously, unless it's free. Microsoft, Steam, etc. never make a CoD less than that price. They even had a lot of big CoD sales. Call of Duty 2/Big Red One, 3, 4, WaW, and MW2 were all $10, despite how old they are relative to one another.
  • cont. Which $10 isn't a bad price, but I get a feeling they would make much more if they sell it for less. Even if it is just for $9.80 or something like that. It's a mental effect. Marketers love to do that. It makes it seem cheaper than it actually is.
  • ANything but call of duty classic. I have begged them. Literally begged. Told them that with OCD I can't play the other games until I play the first first, and yet they just refuse to make classic backwards compatible. Literally refuse. The first game will be the last one if ever, how does that make any sense???????
  • I still can't install this game from disc. Is this a regional issue? I'm in Sweden.
  • @16 Were talking about a video game series, not a TV or movie series! You're not going to get spoilers for COD:Classic, if you play the other ones first. You're more likely to die in some random accident before you get to play ANY of them, if you're waiting to play the "classic" game on Xbox One. Also... a lot of people who are OCD tend to to be highly functional and better able to resolve problems. Why don't you go buy a used Xbox 360 (they're very cheap these days - especially if you only get one with a 20GB hard drive). That way, not only can you play that one game... you can play all the other games that aren't backwards-compatible - and some NEVER will be!!
  • Mw3 was a great game but multiplayer is broken now due to all the invisible kids running about
  • @19 Invisible kids? WHAT??! I'm sure this is something that would get someone a permanent ban from the game... and if MS was informed, probably an account ban, not to mention the console it was done on. I am so sick of people doing that kind of crap in a public match. If you can have a private match to do that stuff, I don't care... but the cheaters should be punished with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!
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