EA Motive's Vancouver Studio Creating Something Plants vs. Zombies Related

EA Motive's Vancouver Studio Creating Something Plants vs. Zombies Related

Richard Walker

While EA and PopCap continue to support Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, we're still holding out hope for the rumoured Garden Warfare 3 to emerge from beneath the soil. And in a recent interview with Edge, EA Motive studio head Jade Raymond has stated that the developer's Vancouver studio is currently at work on a Plants vs. Zombies project alongside a previously mooted unannounced title.

While Raymond's Montreal-based team is hard at work on "a brand-new original IP" and the Star Wars brand, the Vancouver studio has Plants vs. Zombies on its slate she confirmed, although there are no details on what the game could be. Conventional wisdom would suggest that a new, high-profile studio like Motive might be drafted in for a Garden Warfare 2 sequel, possibly alongside PopCap Games.

As for Raymond and her team, its original IP is still "in the early days", she says. "We're working on the concept. We have pillars for the game, but when it comes to the way we go about having them come to life, and what we're going to prototype first, we have the designers break out into groups with all the people on the team - not just the people in the design team, or within the production or leadership team - and run brainstorms with everyone around these pillars."

She adds: "We're having a lot of success with it so far." During her time at Ubisoft, Raymond oversaw development on the Assassin's Creed series from the very first game's inception. "It was pretty clear to me at that time, 12 years ago, that was the direction that action-adventure games were going in because players, myself included, wanted more freedom," she went on. Presumably, Motive's new IP will adopt a similar credo.

As for the future of Plants vs. Zombies, watch this space.

  • Dont get too hyped its probably just Plants Vs Zombies Battle Royale
  • I’d still like them to release PvZ 2, they ported 1 over from iOS but never did for 2.
  • @2 Agreed. I'd also love to see a GW3 love that franchise so much. :)
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