Serious Sam Coming to The XBLA This Summer [Now With Screens]

Dan Webb

Majesco today told Eurogamer that a Serious Sam remake would be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade later on in the summer for 1,200 Microsoft Points.

The reimagining, developed by the original developer, Croteam, will support online four player co-op, and feature 12 levels of dazzling, revamped action pack mayhem.

Serious Sam HD will be available late summer for 1,200 points. Can anyone give me a "hell yeah"?

We've just been handed a few screens as well. To check out the screenshot gallery, head here.






  • Hell yea, serious Sam was awesome original or arcade game?
  • loved this game on original xbox so i'll def be getting this
  • i have no idea what this is
  • Hell yeah!
  • Love a bit of Sam .. ;/
  • Serious Sam: First and Second Encounter on the pc are wonderful games especially with 16 player co-op! Unfortunately its only 4 for the xbla version but it should still be good fun. I'm sure it'll be well worth the 1200ms points.
  • I shat my pants when i saw this! Awesome
  • Is this as an Arcade game, or as an Xbox Original? Arcade version will be awesome! Achievements anyone? >:D
  • i remember playing this a few years ago and it ws SOOO much fun!!! Ans 1200 MS points is great deal! @1 it says its going to the xbox live arcade so I think its coming to the arcade.
  • @8 XD Hell yeah! Since it only has 12 levels, it must be a an Arcade game. Maybe they'll be really long levels though, eh?
  • Oh wow, theres no end to the wonderfullness that comes to the XBLA, well done microsoft, well done.
  • Awesome! I had a blast playing the PC version of Sam ... will definitely take a look at this when it comes out!
  • still got my copy of the original xbox serious sam....what an amazing game it is to. fingers crossed the arcade version will kepp the gameplay nad humour of the original
  • @14 WTF?
  • Damn!
  • Totally mine!
  • This game was 20 bucks on the gamecube like 5 years ago. It's only depreciated 5 dollars in that time?
  • @#17 - It's a remake Woody. HD graphics and such.
  • WTF?????? OMIGOD!!! i have to get this played it years ago on pc and loved it alot! that headless guy running at u AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH was fun!!!! hehe
  • Damn, that really is quite an improvement in graphics! And it's still true to the original. For me this looks like it'll be bypassing the trial!
  • meh hurry up and give me MvC2 and BF1943
  • Look ma! I'm a lumberjack!
  • Nice! Serious Sam was fun!!
  • That looks pretty serious.
  • Oh snap. Those screens look pretty awesome. I appreciate the graphics upgrade yet at the same time I miss the old dumpy gfx.
  • this was the nuts on the pc. with the duke gone, sam is the only thing that can scratch my ott shooter itch.
  • arcade game? the screens look very good. The original game was a fun blast everything and with coop this has to be a must buy. Time to start converting my friends
  • this game was hilarious
  • This game was great.
  • Oh hells yeah.
  • Hell yeah Serious Sam was an awesome game back then, if they can keep the gameplay the same then I'M SOLD!
  • 12 levels? Shame cos the origianl game had about 100 didnt it? It was huge but i suppose a hd remake cant have all the original levels :(
  • I love Serious Sam Series, Might put this in my Buy list.
  • There were roughly 12 levels in the first encounter and the same in the second. If they cut out half the levels, I hope they didn't cut out metropolis. That was probably the best level in the game D:
  • Friggin Sweet, I can't wait till this comes out. I think that 1200 MP is a little pricey, but I will pay it. This game was so sweet back in the day, I still have the retail copy for the original Xbox. Run-N-Gun @ its' best, just fast paced non-stop brutal action. Count Me In!
  • oh wow.... this gives me hope..... mircosoft please release halo 1 HD!! on xbox live arcade. could you imagine that? with online muliplayer and achievements?
  • I really do lol because new gen kids haven't heard of Serious Sam and they downrated this just because they want BF 1943 =-/
  • YES! Will this have coop?Hmm, I would see the achivements gggggg
  • no the original had about 12 levels they were kinda big though i hope that they release second encouter as dlc and 2 as another arcade game and that they make another one for 360
  • Fuck Yes one of my favorite orginal xbox games
  • looks pretty good but i want the old Timesplitters on xbox
  • Anyone else think it doesnt look good?
  • Sweeeeet.. I really wanted to play this again but the graphics put me off, good job reading my mind Croteam. xD
  • i had the first and secound on pc, there awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent, never got to play a Serious Sam, so I'm definitely looking forward to this one!
  • Wow Looks amazing can't wait.
  • Serious Sam!! This game is legendary. Nothing but killing. Who needs a story or character development? ;)
  • I think i just jizzed in my pants
  • I loved this game on the Xbox and I finished it, Woot! It looks really good but, I'm saving mypoints for Fallout DLC and Marvel vs Capcom!!!!! Serious Sam is a great game.. maybe for less than 1200 I'd get it.
  • o yes senseless shooting
  • Hells Yeah! This will be the best arcade game ever! I played this game through sooooo many times before I got my 360! can't wait for this definatley will buy!
  • I loved this game! No multiplayer versus though?
  • Oh shit. As long as this has the 8 player co-op, then I will be happy.
  • my name is sam scary shit
  • Couldn't they just make a new one instead?
  • Me and my dad played this when I was about 4.Im definatly going to buy this.
  • @8 Probably Arcade cus its a Remake
  • It's not just for XBLA, it's coming out remastered on pc as well :D
  • if only Microsoft could get TLOZ: Ocarina of Time ... that would be soo fun!
  • This looks more epic than the word epic is in itself. Hell yeah. I can't wait for this.
  • Wooooooot!!!
  • Serious Sam = Serious Business! I loved these games. Just put your mind on 0% and shoot! =D
  • oh. my. god. yes. "Double your gun; double your fun!"
  • hell motherfucking yeah
  • I hope they don't miss with the achievements.
  • OMG i didn't think today could get much better!!! Serious Sam!! What a classic! Looking stunning in HD. Hmm so Battlefield 1943, Worms 2, Gears 2 All Fronts, Some Fallout DLC and now this?? This is just getting better and better... What would really make me the happiest bunny in the world though would be Timesplitters 2/3 HD Revamp or atleast the Originals converted!! Hell yeah @41 we can keep hoping and praying!! Also a UT 99 Arcade remake would top it all off for me... A similar standard of game has been achieved with CellFactor PW which i think is great so i will keep believing on that one. Oh yeah and there's still Quake Arena which may or may not still be in development... I don't wan't to come across as greedy and demanding here by the way as i am just hoping ^^
  • Fuck yes
  • serious sam? never heard of it but it sounds awesome
  • ok
  • Serious Sam was epic!!!!! Hopefully on arcade so it would come with achievements!!! :)
  • Hell yea, sexy sam's back :)
  • woooot!! =D Seious Sam is back! man, that game was friggin funny! especially the suicide people! XD ''AAAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGHHHH!!!!''
  • hell yeah
  • Not a very good game,just another half ass fps but if the co-op is good then maybe but doubt it.Americans need to come up with more than half ass fps games and crap madden junk and be way more inventive like the japanese cause american games are starting to go blah! Thank god i also have a jap 360!
  • Besides cod with some new things here and there all fps games are the exact same with different themes,i did not have to even be smart to see that.
  • and to 74: "Valve" look it up pal.
  • looks awesome
  • its going to be xbla... i read the whole article
  • FUCKING WIN, I loved the PC version.
  • I can't wait for this. Serious Sam was so much fun on the PC.
  • @ 74 You do understand that this game came out in 2001 right plus you have MLG in your gamerpic which tells me that you like Halo which is a major half ass FPS.
  • @74 and 82 - its called a diff opinion, everyone has one, get over it. lots of love for Serious Sam, and rightfully so, hilarious fun especially in co-op.
  • good game on regular xbox most likely getting this
  • Awesome!!! Probably my all time favorite PC game, I was hoping one day it find its way onto 360.
  • @74 wadda u mean all japan devs make is freaking RPGs!!! YAY SERIOUS SAM I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! R.I.P. M.J.
  • didn't really enjoy this one so will prob pass
  • wheres goldeneye
  • Oh fuck, nostalgia.
  • Oh hell yeah. Bring it on.
  • Must have
  • Awesome news, loved this on the Xbox!
  • Awesome game. What great news this is, bring on the horde.
  • Can't wait. looks ace. Agree with #41. Bring on Timesplitters
  • Great news. But MJ... You will be missed.
  • Timepsplitters 2+3, Goldeneye, UT 99 pl0x xD
  • Well, seeing as my name is Sam and I've never played this I may have top pick this up.
  • looks pretty sick, but wish their were more achievements
  • woo def gettin this
  • idk wat this is but it loox prety cool
  • swing
  • hell yeah
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