For Metro: Exodus 4A Games "Wanted to do Something Different" - Interview

Richard Walker

Having already released two entries in the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter series based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 novels, 4A Games is about to drop a third one early next year, and Ukrainian developer 4A Games is aiming to do something a little bit different with this one.

Opening things up slightly, you'll be able to explore more of Metro's world above ground, although you can still expect plenty of claustrophobic subterranean tunnels to wind your way through too. Mutants, monsters, human antagonists and more will also put you to the test while playing as Artyom, as you strive to stay alive.

Catching up with 4A Games, we posed a few questions to find out what's new and different for Metro: Exodus, and what's in store for this third, biggest and most ambitious instalment in the series. Check out our interview with Executive Producer (and purveyor of a magnificent beard) Jonathan Bloch below.

Metro: Exodus is out on 22nd February 2019.

  • Just from watching the demo video nothingbstood out as being all that different from the first 2 to me. But given how great the first 2 where 4A has earned the benefit of the doubt, we will see how this shapes up.
  • There were a few differences: Semi-open world as opposed to linear, with a large portion being outside the METRO Day & night cycle with effects on the gameworld A crafting system (*sigh* Et tu, METRO? Et tu?) - Replaces bullet economy No merchants (at least this was implied) Changing/modifying your gear in the field, tho' apparently they've added a gun maintenance system - clean 'em or they stop working properly Repairing holes in Artyom's gasmask with little bits of tape Those humanoid, ghoul-looking enemies They don't show them in the vid, but I've heard there are vehicles in this one So yeah, they've changed a few things, but that it still looks, plays and feels like the same ol' METRO might end up being to its credit. We'll see if any of it's for the better in February...
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