Streets of Rage 4 is Happening With Wonder Boy Developer at the Helm

Streets of Rage 4 is Happening With Wonder Boy Developer at the Helm

Richard Walker

Publisher Dotemu has announced that Streets of Rage 4 is a thing that is finally happening, with Wonder Boy developer Lizardcube joining forces with Guard Crush Games, in association with SEGA, to bring a new entry in the 90s cult classic Mega Drive/Genesis beat 'em up series to modern platforms.

Upsettingly, there's no confirmation for consoles as yet, but if this doesn't at least come to Xbox One or PS4, I'll riot in the streets on my own if I have to. The Streets of Rage 4 announcement brings with it a reveal trailer too, with a beardy Axel Stone and badass Blaze Fielding taking back to the streets once more to beat down Mr. X's legion of punks and miscreants.

Streets of Rage 4 will stay true to the original SEGA games, albeit with modern, hand-drawn artwork, new mechanics, a fresh story and "a gauntlet of dangerous stages" rife with crime to punch and kick back into the gutter. Will Yuzo Koshiro be back for the score? Hopefully. Whatever the case, there will be chicken.

Stay tuned for more on Streets of Rage 4, including (fingers crossed) a confirmation for consoles. Check out the reveal trailer below. I'm just going for a lie down now, after all the hyperventilating.

  • For the love of all that is holy PLEASE don't be a shameless cash grab!
  • Make it like rage 1! The series got worse with each game
  • @2 - Not having that. Streets of Rage 2 is the best one!
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat!
  • @2 you kidding me, streets of rage 2 was without a doubt the best! the third one was kind of shit tbh
  • @ if you don't know Streets of Rage 2 was better than one then you've never played SoR2.
  • An unpopular opinion but how I feel! Dead space 1 was better than 2 as well!!
  • I'll get a thumbs down as well because we cannot voice our opinion without someone else taking offense to it. But, I actually liked the first game better as well. But, I don't dislike #2 or #3 it's just my opinion.
  • @ #8 WRONG!! I gave you a thumbs up just so you're wrong!!
  • I'm pumped for this!
  • Didn't mean to start a whole thing here. The first Streets of Rage is still great, obvs.
  • I preferred the first streets of rage too. Kind of sad to get downvoted for expressing an opinion, but no surprise from this sites members.
  • It’s been like a movie trilogy to me 1.Dark Gritty 2.More adventurous not so dark 3. Well we all know it’s just over the top with everything cobbled together. But yeah I enjoy everything about 2, I also enjoy 1 & 3 for different reasons.
  • Oh hell yeah!
  • IMO, Streets of Rage 2 is the best beat em up of all time. I hope this changes that and allows 4 player local co-op.
  • @Comment #9 by Spanish Assault Same context - different approach.
  • Super Double Dragon > Streets of Rage series
  • Hopefully it is as good as the Shaq Fu?
  • Not liking the art at all.
  • @19 Totally agree. They should've left it 16bit, like Sonic Mania. It's a damn shame this looks so bad.
  • Wonder if this spawns new games like golden axe4, alien storm, shinobi
  • It’s such a shame SEGA didn’t use Bomber Games’ Streets Of Rage Remake and shine it up a bit. That was the perfect Streets Of Rage game.
  • I'm holding out for a Target Renegade remake.
  • I too think Streets of Rage 2 was the best one because it improved upon what made 1 so great and didn't get so out there the way 3 did. However, like someone else said, I like 1 and 3 for their own reasons. 1 had a more driving, cohesive story based on each level design setup. It made it a dark styled brawler. 3 introduced branching paths and an array of interesting playable characters (Roo and Shiva). As for 4, while I would've preferred it in the form of 16-bit, at least the art and design doesn't suck completely. Despite this being a teaser, I am a bit concerned that its only playable characters are just Axel and Blaze.
  • @17 THANK YOU!!! Super Double Dragon was the best, sure it has mad slow down but using the Bo Staff was so awesome
  • @24 I agree you said it better than what I tried to say up took lol
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