This Weeks Deals with Gold Include Shadow of War Definitive Edition LA Noire Overwatch

This Week's Deals with Gold Include Shadow of War Definitive Edition, LA Noire, Overwatch

Richard Walker

This week's Deals with Gold have been revealed today, featuring a whole stack of discounted games, including the newly released Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition bundling the base game with all the expansions, available at 10% off. Or you can nab the vanilla game and Shadow of War Season Pass with 40% off each.

Elsewhere, you'll find discounts on the likes of Overwatch Legendary Edition, Monster Hunter: World, the Resident Evil series, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, GTA V, LA Noire, Okami HD and a range of other top titles, as part of various Franchise Sales, Publisher Sales and Spotlight offers.

Deals with Gold itself, on the other hand, includes For Honor and its Season Pass, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Oxenfree, Monster Energy Supercross, Shining Resonance Refrain, and yes, loads more. Loads. You can check out this week's Deals with Gold selection here, care of Major Nelson. Enjoy.

  • So, it's likely everyone will see this as simply negative and not the constructive criticism it's meant to be, but I'll go ahead and ask it anyway: Isn't it a bad precedent to be setting giving people a link to sale information that takes them away from here? How long before they skip the extra step of coming here and just go straight to Major Nelson's site? I mean, you're already taking a beating from TA's sales posts, why would you do this to yourselves? It seems like you're giving up...
  • @1 I disagree. I only come here for the news/reviews. I only go to TA for the achievement tracking and guides. TA sucks for news. XBA will always have a place for me and I don’t see why posting links to Major Nelson, which they have done as long as I can remember and I probably first started coming on here around 2010 (possibly earlier) detracts from that.
  • @1 Storeparser, which I normally check Monday nights for the sales, hasn't updated in the last couple weeks, and they previously were having legal issues with MS about posting sales. I wonder if it's something similar to that here as well, as far as posting the sales without a link to the source. Normally x360a here posts the sales and the prices right in the article, this was the first one i've seen in a long time that didn't do that. Just a thought, who knows, but I don't think it's laziness, there's likely a reason behind it.
  • @#2 - The link was provided in addition to the sale information, not instead of it, which is what I'm getting at... @#3 - This is the third week in a row it's been simply a link. The last time they listed everything out was August 7, 2018. Initially the links to anything for the XBOX One took you to buy a Surface Pen, but they fixed that. Ultimately XBA was posting links to the source as each link would take you directly to the MS store page, so I don't think they were having issues there. But that's why I asked the questions, I'm hoping there's an explanation. And to be clear: I never said nor am I suggesting anyone is/was being lazy.
  • @4 "It seems like you're giving up" is another way of saying being half assed or acting lazy, at least that's the context I took from it and what I think your meaning was. Regardless, it's a bit of an in-depth analysis for something as simple as a provided link instead of a list. I don't care either way, it's a source to what's on sale, if it's directly posted here or if it's a link to the sales themselves. Not really interested in debating or arguing about it though. I'll still keep coming to this site regardless.
  • @#5 - It's also a way of saying "admitting defeat". Which doesn't really have solid implications of being lazy as you can put in a lot of effort and still decide to give in, but I can see why you might've interpreted it the way you have. And perhaps we're focusing a little too much on the information itself and not that it takes people away from the site if there's only a link. I know the loyals will still come here, I'm referring to new people, ones who'll be more "on the fence" about the site. Ones who'll see the link a few times and then just go to it first cutting out the middle man. Does that make more sense? And does this have to be a debate or an argument? Can't it just be a discussion?
  • I couldn't agree more @1. Ive been hitting this site on Tuesdays for many, many, many, years to see what's on sale. Posting a story saying here's a link to the sales is absolutely a sad thing to see. What's next? In the forums are there going to be links to TA's forums?
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