Guilty Gear 2 Coming To Europe This September

Dan Webb

505 Games today announced that Guilty Gear 2: Overture will be hitting European shores as an Xbox 360 exclusive this coming September 4th.

The sequel to what Game Informer voted one of the weirdest games of all time, will take fans in a bold new direction, borrowing elements from genres outside the traditional one-on-one fighting action for which Guilty Gear became well known for.

"Guilty Gear 2: Overture developer Arc System Works has blended action and real time strategy for their latest instalment, and for the first time have introduced 3D graphics to its most popular and enduring series. As well as taking control of their chosen character, players will command legions of loyal followers to crush all in their path. Battles are won and lost by destruction of opponents’ strongholds, known as ‘Masterghosts’ and by successfully defending one’s own from enemy attack. Effective and tactical use of support troops, or ‘servants’, to achieve these aims as well as sharp fighting technique are the keys to victory."

"Offering a full single player campaign, four way multiplayer over Xbox LIVE! or two player local multiplayer, Guilty Gear 2: Overture will also feature 50 unique units designed by famed series artist Daisuke Ishiwatari. Many familiar characters return to the game, including Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske and the mysterious That Man, all of whom have their signature special attacks recreated for the first time in glorious 3D."

Guilty Gear 2: Overture will hit European shores this coming September 4th.

  • Should be good.
  • Hm, never played Guilty Gear 1... to be honest, haven't heard of it either.
  • Sounds good.
  • Wasn't really that fun :. Its nothing like the actual Guilty Gear fighting game series.
  • Isnt GG a street fighter/tekken type figher? its now sounds like a rpg action game of some sort?? I could be wrong, but i do reconise the name!
  • #1: There really isn't a Guilty Gear 1. Guilty Gear was a series all on its own; Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear XX #Reload (this one's an Xbox Originals title, if you're so inclined,) Guilty Gear Isuka, Slash, Accent Core; and a ton of upgrades and ports under various names. The reasoning behind the name "Guilty Gear 2" is that the storyline is so far ahead in the timeline compared to previous games, and the gameplay is so much different (from 2D fighting game to a Strategy RPG/action game) that it really isn't part of the main series anymore. So, #5: Guilty Gear's a sprite-based 2D fighter, so yes, like Street Fighter until 4. It's not like Tekken at all. Stuff like Garou: Mark of the Wolves or King of Fighters are similar, as well. It's also weapon-based,
  • so as far as 3D fighters are concerned, Soul Calibur would be its closest comparison, but even then Guilty Gear is many times more technical. And you're almost right. Guilty Gear 2 is a a Real-Time Strategy title where you control a specific main character leading the army, with a light action-game flavour to it. I'd say it's closest to Overlord, but with a focus on fighting in specific zones or arenas, rather than a more adventurous world. The real sequel though is BlazBlue which just came out in America on the 30th. They made BlazBlue because Guilty Gear is tied up in so many licensing deals that it's not worth making a new game in the franchise, because too much work would have to be done to secure rights to do so, and limitations would be imposed on the developer. Their solution
  • was to make new IP, but you could barely tell the difference between them, they're so similar. I need to stop typing so much with this tiny character limitation.
  • I played GG on the Dreamcast and it was pretty good, but this one looks rubbish
  • FUCK. I just bought the US version 2 days ago >.<
  • not for me
  • any chance of a UK release, I doubt it.
  • #Guilty Gear 2: Overture will hit European shores this coming September 4th. read?
  • #12 ^^
  • this is unknown to me....
  • Since PAL users have waited since 2007 I should hope it stacks alongside the US version.
  • Thought this already came out... Love GG but this is not a "real" fighting game.
  • I own this game, have most of the achievements in it, i am confused why this is coming out "again."
  • Guilty Gear is awesome. I loved the original ones and own them all on the PS2, PSP and what not. Picked this one up ASAP.
  • Guilty Gear 2 is an awful game. Should have stuck with 2d fighters instead of branching out.
  • This one doesn't look that impressive. I'm keeping my eyes out for BlazBlue instead.
  • Overture sucked big time, nothing like the other Guilty Gear games
  • never heard of it
  • This is basically an uninspired, Dynasty Warriors type hack n' slash game, and not a 2D fighter like other Guilty Gears. I don't know what Arc System Works was smoking when they thought this would be a good idea, but they failed big time.
  • Umm... is it me or did this game not come out last October... (2008)..?
  • what the bloody hell is guilty gear?
  • as long as it still has the great metal soundtrack ill get it. plus the characters are friggin awesome!
  • Webb, You should have rephrased the title too Guilty Gear 2 Coming This September Too Europe X_X
  • @response added with 28 Yeah i know right , i thought it was gonna be like .. GG on the arcade or a new one that ISNT OUT. Overture disappointed me
  • I added Europe into the title for those that couldn't read the last sentence =P
  • Terrible terrible TERRIBLE game, it's like getting clothes or a lump of coal for christmas.
  • Rofl @ #31 This looks ok & the sound track seems pritty good. GET BLAZBLUE OVER TO THE UK NOW! Any info about Blazblue being released here? 1 year? 2 years? 5 YEARS?!
  • I bought this game when it first came out here in US.......only to angrily return it to Gamestop just 30 minutes later...I hope thats saying something.
  • About time now what about Blazblue?
  • I used to play this on dreamcast, man I miss dreamcast...
  • Yeah and what about BlazBlue ?
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