Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay 11-Minutes of Jet-Chasing High-Speed Stunts and Sheep Herding

Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay: 11-Minutes of Jet-Chasing High-Speed Stunts and Sheep Herding

Richard Walker

Every time there's a new Forza Horizon game on the, um, horizon, speculation inevitably begins regarding where it's going next. So far we've had the exotic highways and byways of America, the picturesque French and Italian riviera, and the stunning jungles and outback of Australia. Naturally, therefore, we expected somewhere equally exotic for Forza Horizon 4, like cherry blossom lined roads in Japan, as initially rumoured.

Turns out that UK developer Playground Games had other plans, transporting the speed and high-end supercars to its native Blighty. As UK residents ourselves, it seemed like a locational downgrade for the series, but we'll be damned if Forza Horizon 4 isn't every bit as achingly beautiful as its predecessors, its rendition of UK all rolling green hills and idyllic countryside, rather than a bunch of smelly backstreets in Wolverhampton.

Given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the latest Forza Horizon entry, we hit the pothole-laden roads of Britain for a new movie stunt mission chasing a jet, some free-roaming, a daredevil leap through a windmill, a spot of rally racing, and an introduction to the changing of the four seasons, from autumn through to summer. It's bleedin' glorious. Oh, and we stopped for a bit of impromptu sheep-herding too. What's not to like?

Check it all out in our 4K gameplay video below. Forza Horizon 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on 2nd October 2018.

  • Apparently the demo is out today but not available to download yet. Hopefully soon. The game looks amazing
  • @1 ye i see that it says on the dash download the demo but it just takes you to the £70 ultimate edition and wants you to buy that lol. no thanks microsoft i still have my 2 quid game pass from gamescom ill use that :)
  • o also xboxachievements if you played this game on a Xbox One X then your capture really isn't 4k 60fps. its gonna be either or. if you played it in 1080p then its 60 if you played 4k then is 30. just because you render your video in such quality doesn't mean you suddenly get them results.
  • @3 - We checked with Microsoft. We were under the impression it was 4K, 60fps, but turns out it's not. We've amended the text and video description to reflect this.
  • @4 thanks for the honesty most people try to pass something off that its not.
  • @4,5: Its 4k 60fps on Win 10 though isnt it?
  • Just asking a general question btw, i know its 30fps on console as thats all the XB1X can handle
  • @6 im sure it is but their capture wouldnt be from that.
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