Microsoft Rumoured to be Buying Fallout New Vegas Developer Obsidian

Microsoft Rumoured to be Buying Fallout: New Vegas Developer Obsidian

Dean Abdou

According to Kotaku, Microsoft is currently in the process of buying the Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian to add to their ever-growing list of studios, with the deal reportedly 90% complete.

At the moment not much else is known about the supposed buyout with a Microsoft spokesperson saying to Kotaku that they "do not comment on rumours or speculation". However, Obsidian themselves added a little bit more to that statement saying, "Unfortunately, we don't comment on rumours or speculation other than to say that the Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac still holds up."

So it looks as though we'll have to wait and see whether the buyout is actually something that's happening, but in the meantime, we can listen back to Rumors and see whether it really does still hold up.

[Via Kotaku]

  • Well RIP to Obsidian in a few years if this happens. Microsoft are the mismanagement kings this generation.
  • @1 go back to your cave troll
  • I don't quite get it with MS's service games focus, but I'll wait and see before getting worried or excited. Has there been any rumor about them doing Fable 4 instead of Playground?
  • @2 Facts hurt you that much? History is already known.
  • All these studios they have acquired you would think that they are gearing up for some fresh exclusives soon
  • more intrigued by that fleetwood mac album..... on a serious note though, im with #5 if it does happen hopefully a few more exclusives coming this way, still intrigued by that idea of yakuza coming over as well, it probably won't happen but its a nice idea.
  • @6: Phil is doing another tour of Japan right now, meeting with more devs and publishers. Wouldn't be surprised to see many ports (and future games that would have been PS4 exclusive) hitting Xbox. Last time he came back Namco was much more generous to us and we got the Dragon Ball FighterZ and Code Vein announcements on our stage at E3 which was nice. I'd love if we got Obsidian though. New Vegas and South Park: TSOT were great. Still haven't played Pillars of Eternity but my friend raves about it.
  • Microsoft surely wants to deliver to us some great exclusives games in a couple of years.
  • @1/4 Im sorry did you forget about EA?
  • I’m fully expecting this announcement at XO18 now... be interesting to see what else they show/announce
  • They're right. Rumors really does hold up
  • Problem is games take a good 3 - 4 years to create so all these studios Microsoft are buying are almost certainly about making sure they don't fuck up again the launch of next gen and less about the fact the Xbox One has a terrible exclusive game line up compared to the PS4 and Switch. So it won't help current gen owners but at least next gen should be an easy win for Microsoft with their new studio line up. That is at least if they don't allow them to end up like Rare spending 5 years producing a game so devoid of content it could've easily have been built in 6 months like Sea of Thieves. Fingers crossed they won't squander these studios.
  • @ #12 With enough time and resources, Obsidian should be able to put out a great game in the next gen cycle. Ninja Theory are probably already working on a new title too!
  • OMG. You wanna talk about Rumors and if it holds up. Get outta here with that. It's classic in every way.
  • I love Fleetwood. MS are doing the right thing here. Clearly it's both a move for next gen and their new streaming service, but they have at least thought about which Devs they need to fill gaps in their portfolio. MS haven't had a great RPG since Fable 2? and Lionhead. So Obsidian would be be a great fit. I'd expect all these studios to already have concepts they've shown to MS, but if Obsidian were given Too Human to remake, expand, and finish, with proper 4 player co-op, I'd be first in line for that.
  • Microsoft, wow! Well, I guess there are worse companies?
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