Future of Mass Effect Teased As Casey Hudson Sips Some Coffee

Future of Mass Effect Teased As Casey Hudson Sips Some Coffee

Richard Walker

With the Mass Effect series on hold until further notice, BioWare has teased that the studio is apparently mulling what's next for the series following yesterday's N7 Day celebrations, which saw an Xbox One X Enhanced patch rolling out for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

While it's not exactly a reveal or any sort of official confirmation that BioWare is even working on a new Mass Effect game, it's at least something, and heartening to hear that the Canadian developer is currently formulating new ideas for its sci-fi RPG saga.

In a video to mark N7 Day (below), in which certain BioWare staffers and General Manager Casey Hudson discuss what N7 Day means to them, Hudson teases that it means "coming into the studio every day, and dreaming about what the next Mass Effect game will be."

And with a sip from a Mass Effect coffee mug sporting Shepard's famous 'I should go' parting line, Hudson, well, goes. Inevitably, a new Mass Effect will surface eventually then (which was never really in doubt), but for now, we imagine BioWare has plenty on its plate with Anthem in February 2019 and the heavily rumoured Dragon Age 4 after that.

  • I would be happy with them just remastering the first 3 games. Not sure I trust Bioware at this point to come up with good new stories anymore.
  • I would have a continuation of Andromeda. I don't know what the hate was about. It's one of the best games on the Xbox One and there was a bigger story to continue. The best thing would be to take the ME universe and make a game like Destiny, that would work well.
  • @2 I believe it's because of the bugs and errors it had on release, but there are still bugs in it.
  • Bring back Shepard !
  • @2 Keep Mass Effect far away from the destiny formula. Positively disgusting idea.
  • @2 that was the problem. EA got their hands on Bioeare and turned it from an epic rpg to a third person shooter to a destiny-esq game. Andromeda Needed more development time but EA has a schedule to keep. ME needs to go back to its roots and that is a great story with memorable characters. Andromeda’s story lacked seriously. And there were no choices to be made. Forget the EA mandatory multiplayer. I will say though, the combat in Adromeda was everything I wanted in the original trilogy.
  • Good. I never thought it would be. It’s still a great franchise with so many stories to tell. I think despite its issues, Mass Effect Andromeda was a really enjoyable game, and did not deserve the hate it got. The best plan would be to take a bit of time out, let the fans calm down, release Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, then go back to the drawing board. I would take some of the criticisms on board & look at how to improve it, but not completely give in to the fans, or you get another situation where the whiners win ala the Alternate Ending for Mass Effect 3.
  • @1 baby steps. Give us the trilogy remaster we've been waiting for. Make sure it is release with no issues. Then give us ME 4.
  • If they completely remade the trilogy with updated graphics on Scarlett, I'd buy that in a second. Then release Mass Effect 4 and treat Andromeda as a one-off.
  • It really does come down to EA. The same way Warner Bros execs put their hands all over the DCU. Bioware is stilla damn good developer. But you can clearly watch the state their games go after they were acquired by EA. Andromeda was a fumble, no doubting it. It was very basic compared to the original trilogy. Plus the animation, bugs, plain chatacters & really no sense of urgency. It was just flat. The Kett were the geth, indoctrination of other species, etc. 1of my big points, the story had no sense of scale in terms of "these fuckers need to be stopped, for the sake of the galaxy". It felt " yeah, ok. I can turn these machines on, kill some samey bad guys & hey, just for the hell of it,i certainly hope i kill the big baddie in a cutscene". Urgh, your twin? 90% of the game,coma, lay 1 area as them, then save them. Would have enjoyed it more if they were on your crew from the start. I know im being harsh on it. Its my opinion. Dont get me wrong, bioware are still a good developer, mass effect is still one of my favourite trilogies. Its just, they couldn't match the hype it had. It was going to struggle. They just didnt help themselves.
  • Andromeda story wasn’t THAT bad, it certainly can’t be compared to one of the best trilogies in gaming. It felt rushed and suffered with bugs like pretty much any other game released on Xbox nowadays. I would prefer the full 4K remastered trilogy than a new game from these guys now
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