Xbox One Receiving Mouse and Keyboard Support Next Week

Xbox One Receiving Mouse and Keyboard Support Next Week

Richard Walker

During its big X018 event over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed that support for mouse and keyboard support will be arriving for Xbox One next week, with a bunch of titles to receive the feature right off the bat. Among these will be Fortnite and Warframe, as well as Bomber Crew and Deep Rock Galactic.

Strange Brigade, Vermintide 2, War Thunder, and X-Morph: Defense will also have mouse and keyboard support patched in later this month, while Children of Morta, DayZ, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Vigor, Warfare, and Wargroove will also receive support "in the future".

"When the update launches next week, all developers will have the tools they need to create tailored mouse and keyboard experiences for their games as they see fit to ensure a fair and fun experience for fans," states the update on the Xbox Wire. So persumably, you don't have to worry about being destroyed if you're using a controller. We'll believe when we see it.

Microsoft has also drafted in Razer as its exclusive partner to create a 'Designed for Xbox' mouse and keyboard, due to be unveiled at CES in January 2019. The Razer peripherals will feature a dedicated Xbox key and support for the new 'Xbox Dynamic Lighting' feature, delivering "immersive in-game lighting effects". Marvellous.

  • They could release a special edition xbox with RGB.
  • It’s time to get a $20 keyboard from eBay then I’ll get the Razer when it releases.
  • So any game with ‘war’ in the title gets day one mouse and keyboard support.
  • Dang, would of liked mouse and keyboard for Halo Wars 2 at first, since RTS games are best played that way. Guess I will have to wait a bit longer. But I do hope that means we get more RTS games on Xbox One.
  • Hopefully for Skyrim and Fallout 4 down the line.
  • Hopefully you could use a mouse and controller. That's what I do with my pc, I just cant use a keyboard lol.
  • Add The Sims and I'm sold. Sent via Unofficial XboxAchievements Android App
  • Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising for me!
  • It would be nice if "Microsoft" supported THEIR OWN HARDWARE! I have a Microsoft wireless IR keyboard, that works about 20% with the Xbox 360 (not at all on Xbox One). I can do a number of things on the keyboard with the 360 console - including turn it on or off... but you can't use it for typing messages: it's like the alpha-numeric keys don't work (it works fine on a PC, though). Let's hope MS let's Razor make a wireless keyboard for Xbox One, that does NOT need a USB dongle (since MS is too cheap to put 4 USB ports on the back of the Xbox One - what are we talking... 89 cents for that "Made in China" PC-mount, dual USB port... they couldn't pop in another one without raising the price by 50 bucks?)!
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