The Force Unleashed Updated to 1345

Alan Pettit

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has mysteriously been updated with five new achievements for an additional 125 points, bringing its total to 1345.

I say mysterious, because to my knowledge there has been no DLC announced for the game since the initial batch dropped late last year. However, LucasArts is planning on making a big announcement during the Star Wars keynote tomorrow night at the San Diego Comicon, so perhaps we'll get our announcement then.

 And The Quarterback is Toast 30
Defeat Boba Fett

Skywalker Style 15
Meet Jabba and defeat his pet using the pit gate

No More Lies, Old Man 50
Defeat Obi-Wan, before and after he becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine

Hot Bot 15
Use the hot irons three times on the Gonk Power Droid

Jawa Juicer 15
Crush 5 Jawas by using the grinder in the Garbage Processing Room


[Thanks, SetsunaFSeiei]

  • aw, come on!!! I just 1220/1220 this game... and already sold it... damn!
  • i like this game
  • lol...
  • thinkin about maybe pickin this game up 4 a while
  • "And The Quarterback is Toast" Did they just drop a Die Hard reference??
  • cool comment by #1. Is this game any good at all?
  • this is bullshit
  • deadly, love this game!!!
  • at #7, well, yeah it's a good game, but I just hate when games ruin completion percentages... it's just so damn annoying...
  • meant #8... sorry
  • @8 ya this is a good game. i rented for a while and it was fun. just too short for my liking.
  • This game was crap when it came out, if I had known they'd do 2 paid DLC releases, I would have said forget it. Thank god for Profile Editor, because I'm not buying this crap.
  • @3 Isn't it a Robot Chicken Star Wars reference? Then again I haven't seen Die Hard before so mind my ignorance. I just hope the DLC will be worth it
  • It's a great game, I love picking up groups of stormies and listening to them begging for help before they splat against the wall or fly out the window. Hopefully the new dlc will be a bit bigger than the jedi temple from last year.
  • With a guess this will be taking place in Jabba's Palace. Should be cool.
  • This game is just terrible. I had hoped it would be good, but it was just terrible. Beat it once and will never touch it again. Everything was awful, from the lack of combat to the shitty controls. I don't understand how anyone could find it good.
  • Might get this dlc was the jedi temple any good ive never had the money to buy it
  • My guess is that they are releasing the ROTJ story through TFU. Strange but it looks like there will be more of this come, which is good saying that the game will be 1 year old in 2 months.
  • As long as the new DLC is the same as the old where it doesn't use your main game save profile I'm okay with this. I'm a little pissed because I've already 100% it, but whatever.
  • Wait a tick....extra achievements??? at no extra cost? Sweet!
  • what is this total points? first 1220 and now 1345!!!?
  • Whatever this is going to end up being, it sounds really awesome. If I had to guess, it sounds like Darth Vader on the Death Star, then two sections as Luke at Jabba's Palace. Just a guess, though.
  • Not worth it.
  • when and how much?
  • Bleh, Bleh
  • Guess I gotta pick this up again.. fuck.
  • well when the first dlc came out i was reading somewhere that they had a bunch of deleted levels and a few other things to come, but didn't think it'd take this long
  • Wow, DLC is getting way out of hand and this proves it. And from the looks 1345 there should be more to come which for this game is absurd. i to must also pick this up again..thumbs way down.
  • I've already gotten 1220 in this game, gotten rid of it, then they go and do this... Really, the game sucks and plays like total crap on Sith Master. It tried my patience more than doing 'Mile High Club' on CoD4 for crying out loud. Guess I'll have to rent it to make up the difference, maybe they can release a patch so it plays better.
  • @3 - I caught that too! Die Hard FTW. Looks like I'll have to rent this game again to keep my completion percentage. It was a pretty fun playthrough! Though the controls were a little frustrating they didn't prevent the enjoyment of chucking stormtroopers into an AT-ST. Priceless.
  • they need to add achievements for cod4 as a teaser for mw2
  • Glad I still have the game xD I still need to play the first DLC.
  • @32 No they don't... Cod4 is fine the way it is, there's no point annoying alot of people that have probably sold it by now.
  • why not 1350? I don't understand these guys
  • Thats Great now i have to wait 2 weeks to get it from gamefly and get the last of the achievements plus those! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  • If this is worth 800 points, I'm not going to buy it.
  • I doubt I'd pay the money to get these 5 achievements, even if I was a completionist. Be prepared to pay 10-15 dollars for an extra hour of gameplay.
  • Wow. This seems kind of random. Enjoyable game. As long as this is longer or better priced than the Jedi Temple I'm game.
  • Figures that I just got rid of the game that they would add more achievements.
  • Nice. I was waiting for some new TFU DLC. The best thing about this DLC is that we don't have to play it on all difficulties.
  • Ugh pretty soon avatar is going to charge you 800 ms points for a dlc pack
  • LOOOOL why are they adding a dlc now... I dont want to fucking bay it, but i need the achievements :P lol
  • Its a Robot Chicken reference, not Die Hard. I just watched the Star Wars special today, oddly enough, 5 minutes before I saw this. DLC is wayyy too late though, won't rent it again for 125 points.
  • wait comiccon isnt tommorow, its next week
  • @#33 Really though, eh. I always thought 1220 was even a weird number, but anyways I just got the game so I will be picking up all of these achieves real soon I'm sure!
  • Boba Fett, Jabba, and Obi-Won? DOES WANT.
  • Sounds like there will be some sort of an evil DLC and one that is also in the future (episode 4-5 time line)
  • fuckin a... now i gotta get my game back from gamestop
  • The temple level DLC was a neat level, but NOT worth 800 pts. for just that and some new outfits. I too have completed this game at 1220/1220 so this is a real drag. To me, microsoft needs to cap any and all DLC that affect gamerscores after so many days. Like 90 days after at the max. A solid three months is a good window for a game that most people play. This just fucking figures though. I am a Star Wars uber-fan and absolutely hate George Lucas. He's a fat, greedy slug that thrives on sticking the fans' feet into the hot coals. I hope his chin finally fucking eats his head.
  • The quarterback is toast is what the electronics guy says when he asplodes the remote control RV the cops pull out to look around. Fallout3 reminds me of this movie too because herbert "daring" dashwood's stalwart manservant ghoul's name is argyle, the same as the limo driver listening to christmas in hollis.
  • If this is the big announcement, I'll be upset. I want Battlefront 3 to be announced. Not some crappy DLC.
  • Just realized something. 1345 is a very odd number, does this mean that TFU will get 1700?
  • this is funny caused i just had a dream the other day that they updated this game to 1250 which was awesome cause it'd give everyone a nice uniform number. i saw the headline read "force unleashed updated to......" and then saw 1345 :(
  • should be good but odd numbers piss me off. seriously, 1345?!?
  • 55. think you mean 1750...
  • Man, i'm finishing up my Sith Master run and i look at the website and BAM
  • #36, dont worry, i just sent my copy of the game back to them, so you can have the copy i had rented, lol
  • Sweet!!!!
  • Nice to see another game go above the, now very common, 1250 mark :)
  • Nice, I loved this game
  • I'm thinking this'll be levels where you play as Vader and Luke. Awesometacular.
  • Oh man, I just creamed my pants. Fett, Kenobi, and the Hutt. If this game goes to 1750, I'll cry tears of joy.
  • Ah crap, I sold this game back. I guess I'll rent it. I don't want to lose that 100%. And the new stuff seems pretty cool.
  • Oh YAY. This is the best news ever. I was wondering if they would do more on this game and they are. Even though i will not have my 100% for it it won't take long to get back up to speed
  • What in world is this DLC about?
  • 1345? Really?
  • this is perfect
  • I love how whenever DLC with achievements is released for any game, any game at all, there are always people whining about how they got 100% and sold it. You would think people would learn, but whatever.
  • I can't belive again, 1345! And 800MS is a steal for the first DLC, it must at least be free to offset the first.
  • this game is a great Wars game. just bought it last month, and its pretty fun. haven't gotten all that far in it (other games need to be played, too) so these do sound like cool added achievements.
  • If it is a DLC, I think LucasArts is going in the direction of GTA4 with "another episode" sorta thing.... Maybe a ROTJ storyline ("Skywalker Style"). Either way, def. buying this when it comes out
  • awesome, i just 1220'd it, but it's definitely a classic star wars game.. excited for more
  • DLC is getting ridiculous these days. I know I will buy this cause I'm a sucker for Star Wars but I miss the 1250 cap!
  • I sure hope they relase a Platium Hits or some special edition pack that includes all the DLC together once this is all over. Never played more than the demo. If something like that comes out, I'll buy it.
  • hmm, sold it already, keepin it in my 100% club mind
  • this game wasnt that bad when it came out much better than revenge of the sith on ps2 but this dlc is 2 little 2 late
  • *Re-adds to gamefly* I just sent the game back 2 weeks ago ;
  • 1345? Like others have said, why not just make it 1350 for cryin' out loud. When you look at your games or compare them with a friend, you can't even tell which ones are complete anymore.
  • Damn, I missed the first one. :|
  • Awesome, an excuse to go back and play my 100% completed, favorite Star Wars game!!!!!
  • soon enough time will tell, about the circus and the wishing well
  • great game! hopefully this new dlc will be slightly more challenging than the last...
  • Weird number but they're obviously going to raise it to 1750 in time, so it doesn't matter.
  • It must be the gamerscore inflation... LucasArts couldn't afford to give us the full 1250, and they can't afford 1350 now. They have to make cuts somewhere. As for the actual achievements, why on earth are we getting RotJ stuff?!? I really hope they do something that makes it fit in with the story of the original game.
  • I wonder if thats gonna be Dark Obiwan?.. the concept art from battlefront 3....that was sooooooo sweet for those that havent seen it
  • Cool I just got this game not so long ago but was missing the will to play through it again
  • The one achievement is definitely a Die Hard reference. I still have to go back and finish collecting the holocrons. My game had the Default Text glitch which made it impossible to collect them all. I know they released a patch but I had already moved on to something else by then.
  • why not give the full 250GS. whats the point of only giving 125GS. makes me only want to pay 400mp instead of 800mp im kinda glad i didnt sell this though, almost sold it last week. its a good thing i didnt!
  • Why keep adding DLC, not that good a game. Just wanted to 1K it at first...
  • Absolute crap! Im sick of these stupid numbers due to overpriced updates that usually offer less than an hours gameplay! I am completley losing interest in the whole dlc thing, what happened to the uniform nature of achievement lists?
  • God dammit! I only just got the one last achievement I needed to get to 100% it now they are telling me i'm gonna have to 100% it again!! Ahhhh, ah well the achievements look easy enough.
  • is this a sick joke?
  • Hmmm. . . . .glad I'll have something to do this summer (even if it is for 2 days) I never sell a game after when I buy it regardless if it gets 1K'ed. The game is decent. . . . if they throw in a random story I'll be dissapointed but if it ties into Galen's story then shit I'll be all over this :D thank you x360a for making my birthday a little bit brighter
  • Lol @ everyone crying about getting 1220/1220 and not having the game anymore xD
  • Looks like some awesome bosses are on the way, Obi Wan? hell yeah this'l be sweet.
  • I've wanted TFU for a while, so this sounds like a good reason to finally get it.
  • Didn't buy the other DLC but to have a a pic of Jabba The Hutt in my achievements!!! Will be buying this!
  • look at the bright side this game is better than street fighter 4, and the dlc does something too.
  • Awesome, just bought this game and the dlc 4 days ago.
  • @99 You know there is a Jabba pic in the Lego Star Wars II game. Its even worth more than this one.
  • I think this DLC is something of a branch-off from the Dark Ending. *Spoiler* In the Dark Ending, The Apprentice kills Darth Vader and then gets crushed by the Rogue Shadow (his ship) when it crashes through the Death Star's windows (by the Emperor's power) and kills everyone but Palpatine and The Apprentice. Sometime later the Apprentice wakes up from his comma and has been re-built by Palpatine to become his new apprentice to replace Vader. Thus changing the Original Trilogys storyline. *Spoiler* Now one Achievement says Defeat Obi Wan. So if Vader is dead, Obi Wan wasn't killed by him in Episode 4, thus making him alive (you can't kill a ghost). There are so many other things that could point to this could being an Alt. Storyline & Ending to the Original Trilogy too big t
  • heh, on the brightside there's no difficulty achievement
  • I think the original article should be corrected from "tomorrow" to a week from Friday. Preview Night is the 22nd and my wife and I will be there! Woot!
  • Great Game! I will definitely get the DLC. It's funny to see people whine about the achievements. I thought the point of playing games was to have fun. What is your purpose of playing if you aren't enjoying it?
  • Sold it ages ago,got borin pretty quick
  • In the immortal words of Samuel L Mutha-Fuckin' Jackson: "Mutha-Fucka!" I already sold this game and if they expect me to pay for the DLC I will shit a brick. If it is free I can always borrow it from my friend but I'll be damned if I spend 800msp for a game I borrowed!
  • yes. yes... i like where this is heading but i have to say i will not drop 800msp for this... maaaybe 400 but still that asking alot for what looks to be not all that much playtime
  • #98 Nice call. . . . this just made the DLC 10X better XD
  • This game was and still is awful, same old boring repetitive gameplay and same shit over and over. Long live Jedi Power Battles!
  • Definitly a 1st day buy. After all not much has came out for download that is worth it lately.
  • "I find your lack of restraint disturbing" Seriously people, don't fall for the whole "must have just to get more achievements scam". If you dont want it, don't buy it just for that.
  • God dam i just traded this back in, had no idea more DLC was coming out! Might go look for a second hand copy as i did enjoy the game
  • I think this is awesome, I loved this game and can't wait for more DLC! So much potential for this game they haven't tapped yet. And for those complaining about more achievements..WHY? Achievements are a great way to add alittle extra play to a game that I otherwise wouldn't take time to do. It used ot be rush through a game to beat it. Now I like having these "goals". Ad why shouldn't they be included in DLC? Not everyone is so quick to trade in games the second they beat them. I don't buy a game unless I intend to keep it, so I research BEFORE I buy.
  • I never forgave the game for screwing me out of my collection achievement.
  • Maybe will get finally try this game out...
  • @98, i agree with your theory of it continuing on the dark side story, starkiller takes vaders place, and i guess we will have 2 new levels, first being the death star, with the garbage disposal. and obiwan taking you on, so that luke can escape, the second, you go see jabba to get bobba fetts services, and kill him when he fails, i never bothered with the jedi temple, but will look into it now if this one is any good
  • God Dammit! I just deleted my save game yesterday, oh well guess I'll just have to beat my favorite game over again, and but the other DLC along with this one.
  • random number...
  • This is stupid i sold this game like 3 months ago i couldn't stand sith master it was just annoying so i left it at 1000G now i have to get it again and max it out for good this really SUCKS
  • why clone wars at comic con?? I WANT BATTLEFRONT 3 DAMMIT!
  • I had no idea anyone was still playing this game...
  • god i just 1220 the game -.-
  • Was thinking about replaying this came to get any achievements i had yet to get now ill wait for the DLC and get them all at once.
  • i agree with comment 3.... they nicked that quote from die hard, i realised that too lol!!!
  • Badass
  • Cool, looks like it could possibly be some great DLC for an already great game.
  • Can one of you whiny little babies tell me why you would buy something you absolutely hate?
  • Strange enough, I always knew that there will be more DLC comin' ... you ask why? Well, the first DLC was a complete RIPOFF and proper BULLSHIT, I had the feelin' they want to live up to the tradition... :-D But I have to admit: The cheevos sound interesting, maybe they get it right this time?
  • Just sold this. Aggggg, rental it is then! Fighting Boba's too good to miss!
  • Just another game that should've been great but ended up very mediocre.
  • Phew, no Sith Master difficulty achievement.
  • I think I might actually get this game again as its £12 secondhand
  • Still haven't played it yet. might be worth picking up.
  • This one actually looks good unlike that Jedi Temple one which I will be downloading soon because I want to 100% the game.
  • i bought the last dlc and its not on my xbox. i cant find it, looked everywhere.
  • #3 lol you watch Die Hard way too much
  • Dammit! i was about to just say fuck it and not even try to get 1220 but now these seems easy but dammit i dont even have the other DLC
  • @122 - Yeah Battlefront for the 360 would be great. I loved that on the origianl XBOX. That would make for some great online play.
  • @138 - You don't have to watch Die Hard alot to know that line came from the movie. I think I've seen Die Hard 3 or 4 times, it's just one of those well delivered lines that you can't forget.
  • There is more to life and gaming than gay achievements,it's called score! when any one can break my 125,000000 in raiden fighters aces or any other shmup then you can brag about being a good gamer.Achievements what a joke!!
  • i completed this gae age ago got the full 1220 and sold it now gona have to get it agen maybe ?!
  • "And The Quarterback is Toast" is originally from Die Hard (when the "terrorists" blow up the LAPD APC, the black guy that is later running the drill on the vault says this). Though they probably did mean to reference Robot Chicken for the achievement, Robot Chicken was referencing Die Hard... On topic: I decided against getting this game after playing the demo (too hectic, could have used some tightening...), so new achievements mean crap to me...
  • This game was absolute crap, they really need to concentrate on making a good star wars game. Another KOTOR sounds nice....oh wait.
  • god damn, i don't want to have to rent this. I already got my 1220 gamerpoints for this a LONG time ago and sold it, and then when you least expect it, more DLC! And the game was not crap #145. Thats all I'm going to say. Thought I'd add to that, didn't ya?
  • im done with this game... ON WITH BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!
  • I rented and got 1000 like a week ago Couldn't be bothered with paying DLC for a rental game. Good game but needed multiplayer or something
  • Awesome, can't wait to DL this ^_^
  • Sweeet Love the Obi Wan quote too... but hey, I'm just too geeky for my own good sometimes lol! I really enjoyed this one, have to admit it was one of the better Star Wars games of recent years. Yeh, it was far from a masterpiece, but the story alone beat Episodes 1 & 2 hands down. Glad I held on to my copy now!
  • @#142 There is more to life and gaming than gay high scores. When anyone can get all the achievements in a game in one day then you can brag about being a good gamer. High scores what a joke! That was me mocking you since you're probably too dumb to notice. The site's name is If achievements are gay, why are you a member? Wow, you hypocrits are idiots!
  • the game runs for like $18 at gamestop. relax.
  • These look easy enough, so I'll get 'm =)
  • i think this will be great dlc. after seeing this, i have decided to pick up the game and get both of these dlc including the jedi temple.
  • Lol at the people who sold it... shame
  • hope it gets updated mate 1220 it and im thinking about playing it through now he lent me it 1750 for the win
  • this is good news for me. i just bought the game for $30 new (havent played it yet) and got all the current dlc for it. pish posh to all who think its a bad game. i loved the demo and all my friends who have it like it. its probably a good game not a great one. it got bad reviews when it came out because it didnt meet the high expectations that everyone had for it. so what tho. i bet its still fun to play.i have to find out now what exactly the new content is. judging from the achievements it sounds like fun. getting to fight boba and obi-wan.sweet!also the achievement refrence for boba is from the robot chicken star wars special 2. but that refrence from robot chicken was from die hard. to those who sold it....this a good reason to never sell your games until a new system comes out.
  • man i sold this game forever ago!
  • Another game to ruin my completion rating...
  • And The Quarterback is Toast? thats from robot chicken star wars episode 2 lol
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