Halo and Gears Comics Out Tomorrow

Alan Pettit

In stores tomorrow are comic books from two of today's best-selling game franchises, Halo and Gears of War. Both issues will retail for $3.99 for 32 pages of story and ads. To find a comic shop near you in the US, click here. For my friends abroad, try here.


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Eric Nguyen
Cover: Eric Nguyen 

From Marvel Comics, the first of a five-issue mini-series called Halo: Helljumper will be our first look at the ODST troops playable this fall in Halo 3: ODST. The official blurb from Marvel:

"NEW STORY! NEW CREATIVE TEAM! Comics legend Peter David and up-and-coming artist Eric Nguyen bring a whole new HALO story to life! When the colony planet Ariel sends out a mysterious distress signal, it’s up to the UNSC’s elite, highly skilled special-ops Marines, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from the 105th, to find out what’s happening. Also known as ODSTs or “Helljumpers”, these soldiers are some of the toughest in the galaxy…and some of the roughest as well. When the distress signal comes, two Helljumpers will find themselves at the center of the mystery on Ariel, and before it’s solved, they’ll have to put their friendship—and their lives—on the line… "

Click here for a 5-page preview.



Writers: Joshua Ortega, Mike Capps
Artist: Liam Sharp
Cover: Jim Lee
Variant "Video Game Art" Cover: Chris Perna

From DC Comics' imprint Wildstorm, the ninth issue of an ongoing Gears of War series is the beginning of a new arc, sending Delta and Sigma squads to the city of Jilane where they meet up with one of the few female Gears in the COG, a scout name Alex. The official blurb from DC:

"Following a distress signal from the overrun city of Jilane, Delta Squad is dispatched to investigate with the help of a unique "scout" named Alex. The team, with the help of Sigma Squad, will explore one of the darker elements of the Gears universe, and to tell this unique and harrowing tale, series writer Joshua Ortega will be joined by Epic Games president Mike Capps! Further exploring the world of the sensational hit video game!"

[No preview available]

  • ill take a look
  • Shame they ain't in the UK could be worth a read.
  • Looks interesting. >.
  • what no new gi joe comic
  • The GOW cover looks crazy like one of them anime's haha Everything is starting to look a little weird but still [email protected]$$
  • i wonder how long the helljumper series will take to finish. it says 5 issues but uprising was 4 issues long and took almost 2 yeas for all 4 to come out. and it wasnt that great...
  • im interested in the halo comic
  • Awesome. Been enjoying the Gears one's anyway, but would like the Halo one. Hopefully it will better the Uprising ones, but then that's not the hardest of tasks. @4 - They'll be in the UK for us soon enough. Patience my friend, and the wait shall be worth it. I hope.
  • And of course Alex the female Gear would be scantily-armored, in a manner of speaking. That is... She's armored less than the male Gears, at least. Wow. Embellish the male Gears' physique with muscles and steroids, but embellish female Gears' physique in... Different ways. Typical.
  • HAWT
  • Think I'll just wait for the TPB to come out. And @10, so what? They are simply aiming it towards their target market. Most people buying it will be guys who play Xbox and read/collect comics.
  • i wonder if that gears of war chick alex will be playable ha that would be sick with gears 3 hear her scream as see chainsaws the enemy. SICK
  • I've been reading the Gears comics up to date, and its really quite well drawn =) I'm looking forward to seeing a female gear. Read Aspho Fields, and it obviously didnt show you much of what a female gear looked like (from the 2 characters which were women).
  • JOY! -.-'
  • ....Alex...?
  • yeah....alex....erhm..
  • How the 21st century marches on, not that I'm complaining...but it seems that the biggest men in the world need a tonne of armour to protect them from the locust, and the little slip of a girl just needs a pair of tight pants. Maybe she is too small for them to notice her? That Lancer looks like it's bigger than her!
  • Umm...did they just put a face on the 14 year old Master Chief we all knew?!?
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • #17.....tonne? try ton next time bro
  • I hope this Halo series doesn't take marvel forever to complete like the last one.
  • Both look like fail
  • @20 er hello I speak English, not some crappy derivative form of it, so I think you'll find it's 'tonne' and not 'ton', idiot.
  • Alex is a scout, so I would expect less armour so she is nimble. @20 Tonne is the proper English spelling, sorry "bro"
  • The Gears variant cover looks pretty sweet
  • They already make a GOW comic, why another?
  • @20 - BIG FAT FAIL!
  • @27... Money? Neither look too interesting for my taste. @20 - Failure
  • Now see id buy them especially the gears of war comics but...Epic decided i dont deserve my rank 44 anymore so they decide to drop me back dwon to 1 without a warning. If anyone of u no how to contact them please send me a message III FLOOD III (thats my gamertag)
  • There's too much coming out this week to be able to get these, they're ok but only during slow weeks. But hopefully the Helljumper will be good, I like the older one.
  • #27 - It is an ongoing series and this is the 9th issue, not a second series. Everyone else: You realize "Alex" is probably short for "Alexandria" or something similar, right? And the fact that she is a "scout" is the reason for less armor, to help mobility? Granted, she would probably look the same if she were a front-line Gear, because comic book readers tend to like their women to be sexy, regardless of occupation. But still, it works here.
  • if they arent in the uk why not order them online? off forbidden planet or something? im from the uk and having no problems lol @20 epic failureface go back to school
  • #33... Second paragraph fail...
  • thats boring lol
  • #34: You failed to understand it, or what?
  • #10, would you want her to be big and bulky like the male cogs? Imagine a woman's head on baird's body...
  • In agreeance with #33. And save for the pants, she's wearing the same amount or torso armour that Cole and Dom wear. Might be a tad smaller due to her frame, but she's got enough meat on her bones to suggest she's tough.
  • #9 is a loser
  • at #39, #9 would pwn you anyday
  • ^^screw u jason i see u bitch
  • at # 41 your evil forces will never defeat narnia !
  • No regenerating health for the Gears Of War comic character!
  • wow 1 laggy comic
  • Sweet i'll be reading both of them
  • Female COG? sweet
  • i hope shes in GoW3
  • Jim Lee? GOW comic? Awesome.
  • check it out the female gear actually has a body like a human, where the male gears look like they took a shit load of steriods!! and have boulders for feet!
  • may get the halo comics cuz im sad like that if they came to the uk
  • would pick these up, but i tend not to read unless i have to =I
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