Realm Royale Closed Beta Now Live on Xbox One

Realm Royale Closed Beta Now Live on Xbox One

Richard Walker

Heroic Leap Games has announced that Realm Royale, its fantasy battle royale game, has entered closed beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Featuring class-based combat with craftable gear and abilities, Realm Royale sees you thrust into fast-paced battle royale gameplay from the back of a horse or on-foot.

You can compete with up to 99 other players in Realm Royale's solo mode, or band together with friends in duo or team-based skirmishes. Vanquishing all of your opponents will net you the coveted 'Crown Royale' victory, and bragging rights over the entire 100-player battlefield in Realm Royale's "fresh spin" on the BR genre.

To access Realm Royale's closed beta on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you can purchase the Realm Royale Founder's Pack for $14.99/£11.99, getting an exclusive character skin, mount skin, emote and other goodies in the process. You can pick up the Realm Royale Founder's Pack via the Xbox Store here.

  • Im not the only one burnt out on battle royale games am i?
  • The marker for battle royale is just to saturated. Developers should be looking to find the next big thing instead of cooying the current one.
  • @2 You're saying that about an industry that shoved FPS games down our throats for about 6 years
  • there is a site giving away 15000 codes. easy to get just add your email and they email you a code.
  • Sorry, but BR genre is done. Fortnite has its place and PUBG has carved out a little corner for itself too, but anything else is just white noise. It got flooded too heavily too quickly and lost its niche appeal.
  • You guys are talking about battle Royale as if it's a genre like first person's a game type like capture the flag. Just don't play the mode, how ridiculous would it be if you saw someone saying "oh this game has team deathmatch too? Just stop trying to make that happen"
  • @7 Yeah, also it's ridiculous that they think like a dozen games is over saturation. There are literally hundreds of FPSs released every year, that's overly saturated.
  • That looks dreadful
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