Next Call of Duty Will Reportedly Not Be a Sequel to Ghosts

Next Call of Duty Will Reportedly Not Be a Sequel to Ghosts

Dean Abdou

It seems like Infinity Ward's senior communications manage Ashton Williams, has been posting a couple of cheeky little teases to what the next Call of Duty game could be, but it might not quite be what fans were thinking.

One of the more recent teases from Williams featured a gif of a skull whereas previous ones featured ghosts/death, this led many to speculate that the next Call of Duty would be a sequel to Ghosts. However, Kotaku's Jason Schreier responded on a ResetEra thread saying that the next game in the series will not be Ghosts 2.

With that being said, it's very likely that the next game could be a new Modern Warfare title as these teases could be referencing the character Simon 'Ghost' Riley. Perhaps we see Ghost come back from the dead in some wild way, or maybe the next game is a prequel title? Who knows, but it's just a matter of time until the official announcement is made.

  • Shame. Ghosts was one of the better ones. But a return of Captain Price would be good.
  • Maybe cod gets even more stupid and they have ACtUAL ghosts? Who knows? Who CARES?!?
  • Ghosts was an average game, i actually liked the fact they tried something different with extinction but aside from that wasn't very notable cod. I notice how no one seems to hope for an infinite warfare sequel
  • ghosts ended on a clifhanger i need to know more
  • This is just a bunch on unnecessary hype, have you seen the rest of her twitter feed? I doubt this is a hint towards anything. However, I would love to see a game based around Ghost the character and his backstory leading into MW.
  • @3 I liked infinety warfare. It was much better than BO3, which was the worst and was also better than the ww2 one, which was just CO2 rebooted, but not as good.
  • Won't have a campaign either
  • @2 you cared enough to post a comment @7 No way, Any Modern Warfare game better have a campaign and come with MW2 remastered as an reward for buying the upgraded version.
  • Would be nice if Modern Warfare 4 was a "one last time" part 4 instead of the first part in a new trilogy and a reboot of IWs most famous series. Nothing's confirmed but you know they wouldn't cap the end of this next game and waste potential for more sequels. Better for them to just dilute and recycle like the first time around. I want to be hyped. If Modern Warfare 2 Remastered exists, were getting it this year.
  • could have told you this a year ago.
  • But will it have real-time fish that swim away from you?
  • @11 Better glass technology.
  • Used to play a lot of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Extinction mode is way better than Zombies.
  • Good Support Unofficial XA Application on Patreon (@chrsolr)
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