Open-World Star Wars Game Reportedly Cancelled by EA

Open-World Star Wars Game Reportedly Cancelled by EA

Dean Abdou

According to a report from Kotaku, EA Vancouver has now cancelled the open-world Star Wars game that was in development after taking the project from Visceral Games when the studio closed in 2017.

The report reveals that EA has opted to scrap the project in favour of something that can be developed for a late 2020 release window. Due to it being so early in development, it's reported that no jobs have been lost instead, the team will now be working on something that will be a much smaller-scale Star Wars game.

The now-cancelled Star Wars game has had all sorts of ups and downs, with Visceral Games shutting down, its assets distributed across multiple studios, and the project being shifted from a story-based title to something multiplayer focused. It was something that never seemed to really have a solid landing on what it wanted to be, so it's not too surprising that EA ultimately opted to scrap it and aim for something smaller.

In the meantime, the publisher is still working on its third-person Star Wars action game, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which is being developed by the Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment. That's still expected to be heading to consoles sometime this year so it's not all doom and gloom for Star Wars fans.

  • Got to cancel any game that can't be riddled with loot boxes. EA are scum. I still remember when they did that interview stating outright that they won't make any future games that don't feature a multiplayer component. That's obviously so they screw over the players with microtransactions. They do it in every game now. Visceral was a great company and it's a damn shame we'll never get to play this game. It would have likely been very good. Also RIP Dead Space. Never forget. :'(
  • Can other devs get this Star Wars license please cause EA has done absolutely nothing but fail with it EA can stick with their main titles they doing fine honestly but Star Wars they failed with BF1 was good but the 2nd Battlefront was and still is trash they should have let Bioware do Kotor 3
  • oh look a star wars game that been cancelled, what a surprise...
  • I didn't realize this was taken over by someone after Visceral. I was under the impression Respawn and Dice were it.
  • @1 No mention of microtransactions until the comments section. Its people like you who are "scum", not EA
  • @5 And it's people like you that are the reason bad business practices are not only tolerated but praised. :) Nickel and diming your consumers is reprehensible. And they're the industry leader. To quote a great movie: "Never turn your back on them because they'll stick in." That's EA in a nutshell.
  • 2020? So in other words this is basically just a press release stating that they're creating Battlefront 3 I guess...
  • With all the remasters, why don't they do a remaster of X Wing: Alliance?! It was the best Star Wars game and the MP would be great.
  • EA should seriously just ask disney to get out of their star wars deal and disney should give the license to someone who cares and will make a good game. someone like CD Projekt Red.
  • Never have I seen a more treacherous hive of scum and villainy.
  • @10, I feel like it should be the other way around... Disney asking EA to get out of their Star Wars deal so they could pass it to someone else.
  • And when Respawns Star Wars game comes out, it's not going to meet their expectations and Respawn will be shut down. I can feel it
  • @5, oh wow... I'm really not sure if your trolling or just not that bright... The only reason EA canned the previous main star wars game was because of their rested interest in following the Destiny clone route which would of absolutely been filled with either microtransactions or loot boxes, this is EA we're talking about, they have a bad reputation for many very good reasons. What was the last game EA put out that didn't have micro transactions? Of the AAA variety. If EA cannot make a return without said crutches then it just says that they shouldn't be in the market for making video games. People who have issue with being manipulated are not the 'scum', the ones manipulating others are the issue...
  • I miss LucasArts...
  • Whatever happened to that Star Wars Galaxies on PC? They should collaborate with Zenimax and throw the Star Wars skin on the Elder Scrolls Online game engine... and bring THAT to Xbox One! I'd love to play Star Wars, much like I've been doing with ESO!!! Those Battlefront games aren't the same thing.
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