The Division 2 Creative Director: "More People Finished The Division Than Any Other Ubisoft Story-Based Game"

The Division 2 Creative Director: "More People Finished The Division Than Any Other Ubisoft Story-Based Game"

Richard Walker

While many players eventually gravitated to the Dark Zone in the original The Division in a bid to scoop contaminated loot to take back into the game's campaign, you may not realise that a lot of players apparently saw the story-based component through to its conclusion. All 30-40 hours or so of it.

That's according to The Division 2's Creative Director Julian Gerighty, who states that despite The Division's campaign running to tens of hours, many stuck around to the bitter end, presumably levelling up their character and their Base of Operations while they're at it. Still, this as a factoid seems slightly hard to believe, given how many great story-driven Ubisoft series there are out there, like Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and such. But who are we to question it?

"The original campaign lasted around 40-hours, which is a considerable amount of time," said Gerighty. "More people finished The Division 1 than any other Ubisoft story-based game." As such, you can count on The Division 2 also having a campaign that you'll hopefully want to finish.

"We know the campaign’s power, and of course The Division 2 will have a compelling campaign about saving DC, about saving the soul of America," Gerighty added.

The Division 2 is out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 15th March 2019. Check out some Dark Zone gameplay from the upcoming sequel below.

  • Interesting... it is actually the first Ubisoft game that I have started and not finished. I couldn’t get over bullet-sponge enemies. I wanted to like it.
  • Oh well, the world building was phenomenal in The Division and it was very fun to play through the campaign. The incursions were a beast when they launched, but in its current state, The Division is a blast. Not surprised that many finished the campaign. Can't wait for The Division 2
  • It probably helps that Division's campaign was insanely short compared to pretty much every other Ubisoft game.
  • There's the "Creative Director" showing his creativity with stats like that...
  • I'm pretty sure the story itself wasn't that long. Finding glitchy collectibles and grinding enough to run some of the content I'm sure adds to that number.
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