Crackdown 3 Interview: "It Takes Some Time With New Technology To Get it Right"

Crackdown 3 Interview: "It Takes Some Time With New Technology To Get it Right"

Richard Walker

Crackdown has been away for almost nine years now, meaning nearly a decade since we last bounded around a sprawling, vertiginious metropolis, collecting hundreds of enticing, glowing agility orbs and smashing criminals (and in Crackdown 2's case, mutants) into the ground.

Crackdown 3 might be offering more of the same on Xbox One, and having been announced way back in 2014, it has been a protracted wait to get to this point. So what happened? Quite a bit as it happens, according to Art Director Dave Johnson, who recently told us all about getting to grips with new technology for the long-awaited third game.

With the game's ambitious cloud-based destruction in multiplayer and a hefty campaign set within the new city of New Providence - where gangs will also now retaliate thanks to the 'Gangs Bite Back' system - Microsoft Studios and new lead developer Sumo Digital had rather a lot on its collective plate, it seems.

To find out more about Crackdown 3 ahead of its launch for Xbox One and Windows PC on 15th February, check out our interview with Johnson below. You can also catch up with our previous Crackdown 3 coverage, including campaign gameplay here, boss battle gameplay here, and multiplayer gameplay here.

  • "play the game how you want to play it" ok. I'll play the game crushing everyone to death with skyscrapers in co-op. After all, with co-op being a multiple player mode (multiplayer, if you will), that should mean that the complete city destruction should be there... also, side note: you couldn't play either game 4p-coop. at least not without people disconnecting every couple of minutes
  • Top 10 things you don't want to read as titles.... "It takes some time with new tech to get it right..." As if you are already making up excuses why it might get mediocre reviews and flops in sales.....
  • @3 I'm hoping that it means "this is why it's taken so long" as opposed to "so our next game will build upon what we have learnt here"
  • I love it when devs declare features like that gang bite back system as something that leaves them a lot on their hands. It's embarrassing, it tells us they don't have a real excuse for their fuck ups, effectively they're saying they messed up badly but here's a feature we like to distract you. Pure marketing. Anyone with even a mediocre amount of development knowledge, especially game development knowledge can tell you that having an event like killing a gang member increment an integer that itself triggers an even when reaching certain values is absolute child's play. That kind of bite back mechanic is something that should be implementable within a week for even a tiny team. The cloud based destruction is definitely a much bigger task though, I'd wager that's where they've struggled and rather than pull the feature because it's been too hard to get right because it was the headline feature of the new game they delayed and delayed over and other to try and make it work. Really, they'd have done better to drop that factor as soon as they realised it wouldn't work and instead use the time to polish the rest of the core game so it didn't look a decade old already.
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