Devil May Cry 5 Interview Id Love to Make Another Fighting Game Says Hideaki Itsuno

Devil May Cry 5 Interview: "I'd Love to Make Another Fighting Game," Says Hideaki Itsuno

Richard Walker

We're all-in for Devil May Cry 5 this March, having enjoyed a good five hours with the game earlier this month, so we had plenty to talk about when we sat down with Game Director and games industry legend Hideaki Itsuno.

There's chatter about his eagerness to make a new fighting game having previously worked on the likes of Street Fighter Alpha, Rival Schools, and Darkstalkers, as well as his desire to get stuck in to work on Dragon's Dogma 2, and his trepidation when announcing Devil May Cry 5 following DmC.

To find out more about Devil May Cry 5, its neat online Cameo system, new character V, and more besides, check out our interview with Hideaki Itsuno below. Devil May Cry 5 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 8th March 2019, and you can give our hands-on impressions a read here.

  • Whip us up a new Street Fighter Alpha or Darkstalkers, please!
  • Woyld be happy with another Rival Schools or Darkstalkers....amd Street Fighter Alpha is welcome if it meanns Skullmania returns. :p
  • @2 Nah Skullomania belongs to Arika. He's even in the new fighting game on PS4 from Arika called "Fighting Layer EX". Capcom vs SNK 3 please or a new Darkstalkers game. Or even a new license. I'd be down for that!
  • @2 I don't recall Skullomania being in the Alpha series. I think you might be confusing that with the EX series. @3 I'd buy Capcom Vs SNK 3 in a heartbeat!
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