Far Cry New Dawn Comparison How Does the Floral Pink Apocalypse Measure Up

Far Cry New Dawn Comparison: How Does the Floral Pink Apocalypse Measure Up?

Richard Walker

One of the many games out today, Far Cry New Dawn is the prettiest, floweriest apocalypse you'll ever see, no matter which platform you decide to play it on. Drenched in bright pink thanks to a 'super bloom' of verbena flowers, New Dawn's landscape is something to behold.

Ubisoft's game truly sings on 4K consoles - your Xbox One X or your PS4 Pro - but how does it measure up on your standard HD consoles? Often, there isn't an enormous difference, beyond the obvious hike in resolution, but a difference there is, and we're here to highlight what those differences are.

So sit back with a cup of something, and see how Far Cry New Dawn performs on each of the consoles, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Far Cry New Dawn is out now, and you can check out our review here. We'll also have a video version of our review soon.

  • These videos are still a thing...?
  • Yes. Seriously, I know there is an audience for this on YouTube, but it feels like a filler article on this site.
  • Well I'm happy they post these on the website. No matter how much I watch their videos on YouTube. The algorithm still posts Pewdiepie or that Good Morning mythical something or other and many other channels I've never watched.
  • Actually not sure why this is still a thing. 4k gaming has been out for a while now. Everyone knows its superior, so why do we need to compare? Better colours, better textures. We get it. No need to make videos anymore.
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