UK Retail Charts - Far Cry New Dawn Takes No. 1 Crackdown 3 Fails to Make All-Format Top 10

UK Retail Charts - Far Cry New Dawn Takes No. 1, Crackdown 3 Fails to Make All-Format Top 10

Richard Walker

In the wake of what was inarguably the biggest week for new games in February and this year so far, there are several new entries in the UK charts, and of all the latest releases, Far Cry New Dawn is the winner. And while Metro Exodus debuts at number two, it's number one in terms of revenue.

Why? That'll more than likely be because Far Cry New Dawn is a budget release and Metro Exodus isn't. Also new to the charts this week is Bandai Namco's Jump Force, which is in at number eight in the Xbox One charts, between Resident Evil 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Meanwhile, Crackdown 3 hits the charts at number four, but falls outside of the top 10 in the All-Formats charts. Overall, that might not seem like such a great performance at retail for Crackdown 3, but if you take into account Xbox Game Pass players and digital sales, it's probably done alright.

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  • Crackdown 3 is fun to play with a buddy but it's basically Crackdown 1. You can only play Co-Op with 1 other friend and Wrecking Zone is fun for like 2 matches and can't be played with friends.. yet? If it wasn't on Game Pass, I wouldn't have bothered with Crackdown 3 and that is the general consensus I'm getting from others I speak to. Maybe giving it away for free was the best thing they could have done? Exodus is pretty good but far from perfect. I've been spending much more time on that than Crackdown 3.
  • Crackdown 3 is fun reason it didn't sell more is that it's on gamepass last 2 games were great plus and lots of games going to be free with gamepass like new Gears and Forza Horizon so was Sea of Thieves. I would of bought all those games if I didn't have gamepass
  • Yeh I'll be getting the current 2 months for £2 deal soon to play Crackdown 3. So sales in a shop are obviously going to be down esp when you consider the difference £50 or £2 (£7.99 if no offer available) not rocket science to see why so many are turning to GP
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