Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Spotted in ESRB Rating

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Spotted in ESRB Rating

Dean Abdou

It looks like Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is making the rounds yet again as the ESRB has now rated the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Gearbox has already been going hard on teases as of recent getting fans excited by saying that they have quite a few games to reveal at PAX East. Well, it looks as though Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition could be one of many reveals with the ESRB now giving it an Mature rating for current-gen consoles and PC.

This isn't the first time Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition has been leaked as just last year the Korean rating board also gave the game a rating, but that's as much as we heard until now. Of course though, until Gearbox make the announcement official, it's best to take this with a pinch of salt. It does seem likely that we'll finally see the collection get announced later this year though.

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  • I swear to god, if this is what they've been teasing I'll happily put the final nail in the Borderlands coffin. Stop remaking and put out something new!!
  • Yeah, that's pretty pathetic, especially if that's the core of the teasers. They must be trying to compete with Oblivion and it's 170 iterations.
  • If all the hype is only leading to yet another remaster I might kill someone...
  • think they are going to announce both the remaster and the 3rd entry in the series.
  • @4 I think you guessed it, sounds very likely. To be honest this game I wouldn't mind them remastering, been quite a while since I finished the achievement list. It'd be fun to do it again, especially if they ACTUALLY do improve the graphicsm
  • @5 bit hard to improve cell shaded graphics lol, i expect it being 4k on xbox one x and 60fps, which to me would be enough. be ever better aswell if it is the game of the year edition since that comes with all the DLC. i can see this being £20-£25 aswell since the handsome collection which had borderlands 2, borderlands the pre sequel and all DLC for £40-£50 at launch. thats why i see this being fairly cheap since for the other 2 games it was a full release price.
  • Hopefully you can import your save like the other two. Perhaps my modded weapons will even survive. It's extremely obvious the third game is also getting announced, so I wouldn't worry about this being the only thing at PAX. They have three games maybe now to announce? BL GOTY, BL3, and a new IP would be extremely likely.
  • @7 i imported my save on the handsome collection but my modded weapons didnt work. i had my character and the weapons but none of the weapons could fire if i remember correctly.
  • I really enjoyed the first game and wouldn't mind replaying it on XOne, but..... Screw The Underdome, I hope they don't include any achievements for that one DLC.
  • I think we'll get Borderlands 3 announced next week and maybe you get Borderlands gotye as a pre-order bonus or it's included with the game. Either that or they give a release date for 3 and release the first that day saying, play this now till the 3rd comes out.
  • @11 yeah I agree the only way I’ll play this is if it’s a preorder bonus for 3
  • Loved this game but hated Moxi's underdome. Not sure I can do that again without a modded weapon and sheild lol.
  • BL3, please!
  • We all want Borderlands 3, that's a given and they know we all want it. The teasers should be aimed at BL3 and I pray that they are, but... a Remake of Borderlands 1 with the gameplay and style of BL2 and the Pre-Sequel... that would be nice! The updated gameplay, style, image and story on BL2/BLTPS is what made those games, imagine that on BL1. That'll be great!! Definitely worth replaying for!!
  • @13 Tut tut. All you needed to do was get a second controller, player 1 has a new character level#1, your main character is the guest and play the Underdome. It'll load the Underdome with the enemies being level#1 because of the new character. You playing as the Guest with your main character in someone else's game who happens to be new to the game, and squishy
  • @16 Which is what I did. But was very tedious and unnecessarily long. Plus, using half a screen really messed with my eyes as the damn rounds went on. I sincerely hated Underdome as did 98% of players I'm sure. Include it if they want, don't include achievements.
  • Modded weapons allowed you to skip some waves too. (if you killed the boss quickly)
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