Beyond a Steel Sky Announced For Console Release in Late 2019

Beyond a Steel Sky Announced For Console Release in Late 2019

Richard Walker

Revolution Software has announced the sequel to 90s cyberpunk adventure game classic Beneath a Steel Sky, the aptly-titled Beyond a Steel Sky. The Broken Sword developer will also be teaming up with renowned comic book artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) once again for the follow-up, so that's good.

Debuted during the reveal of Apple Arcade last night, Beyond a Steel Sky will be coming to PC and consoles, as well as Apple Devices, telling its "thrilling story of loyalty and redemption" set within a terrifying, dystopian world of AI-driven social controls. The game promises Revolution's signature humour, supported by Gibbons' distinctive art style.

"Even after so many years, fans of the original game are still incredibly loyal and very passionate - and have remained vocal in demanding a sequel," said Revolution founder and CEO Charles Cecil, "Adventure games are played by a large, diverse audience that hugely enjoys the interweaving of story and puzzles. Our approach has been to write an intelligent, witty adventure game that is wholly intuitive to play and assumes no prior knowledge of the original game or its universe. We aspire to write a modern day 1984 told through the medium of the adventure game."

Promising "intelligent, emergent gameplay" driving an "edgy" narrative in a dynamic, bounded-sandbox world, Beyond a Steel Sky will be coming to consoles, PC, and Apple devices in late 2019. With Broken Sword 5 finding its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, hopefully Beyond a Steel Sky will be doing the same. Check out the game in the Apple Arcade reveal trailer below.

  • I loved Beneath a steel sky, but I'm very hesitant to get even remotely excited for this. BASS was 2.5D, pixel art, point and click. This is a 3D, mobile game.... Gonna have to wait and see if this is gonna be something that really feels like it belongs.
  • Damn thats like 20 years ago? @1 Beneath a steel sky was awesome, but yeah, I'm not a fan of the transition of 2D -> 3D in point & click adventures either. Will see
  • This just looks soulless. Beneath was charming and visually appealing. This just looks like a New Vegas mod. And a bad one at that
  • I remember that game! Had to use a guide for the last half.
  • Here's a longplay of the original. Warning, goes straight from silent to loud, so careful [it's voice acted.] ALSO, the original is FREE on GOG.
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