Void Bastards is a Game Name You Cant and Dont Want To Forget - Preview

Void Bastards is a Game Name You Can't and Don't Want To Forget - Preview

Dan Webb

Void Bastards is such a great name for a video game. It's a name that when you see it you instantly want to know more. It's more than a great name though - and not because it uses the word bastard in the title, although that is some of the draw, of course - and once we saw its comic book-like art-style, we instantly had to know more.

Void Bastards is a sci-fi, strategy, resource management shooter from Blue Manchu, founded by Irrational Games founder, Jonathan Chey. It's loosely FTL meets System Shock, and throws you into Sargasso Nebula in a tiny escape pod and tasks you with escaping. It's equal parts "can you shoot a gun?" and "can you manage resources?"

Void Bastards' gameplay effectively falls into two parts: the strategy side, which has you deciding on which path to take through the nebula, depending on what resources you need, as well as upgrading guns, equipment, and so on; and the action side, which has you boarding ships on a quest for loot. Whether that loot is unique items or valuable resources like food and fuel, both are necessary if you're going to cross the nebula in one piece.

From a strategy perspective, players will be tasked with managing their resources. Do you need fuel to get to the next station/derelict ship/merchant, or do you need food so your crew doesn't starve to death? If you're okay on both fronts then you can seek out merits that can be spent at floating vending machines or at locked stashes on derelict space stations.

It's a risk versus reward style type of strategy. If you're loaded up on food and fuel, you might then be able to seek a different route to get you better technology, which will help you much more in the long run or perhaps even go a bit more of a safer route. Sometimes you might not have that luxury though, and might be forced to chase down food or fuel even if it throws you into the hands of a powerful enemy. The choice, however, is yours.

Then, on the other hand, you have the action-oriented FPS-style, shooter gameplay that has you boarding derelict ships in an attempt to seek out necessary blueprints/components or just gather essential resources to survive. Sometimes you'll be required to board ships with tougher opponents because you need the resources to see tomorrow, other times you'll head into more luxurious ships - that still have their own obstacles - to get that much-needed component that you need to craft that awesome piece of armour you've set your heart on.

It's a game that rewards risk (if you survive), a game that rewards careful planning, and one that is done with a really aesthetically pleasing comic book art-style. We've only played a small amount of Void Bastards, but that short time with the game had us crying out for more. With a 12-15 hour campaign promised, Void Bastards is definitely on our 2019 radar now.

Void Bastards is coming to Xbox One and Windows PC later this year.

  • always like a trip in space, was music atmospheric?
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