Watch Dogs 3 Could be Taking the Hack-tion to London

Watch Dogs 3 Could be Taking the Hack-tion to London

Richard Walker

There have been rumblings for a while now that Watch Dogs 3 could be taking Ubi's open-world hacking series to London, and according to recent reports, that could well be the case.

In the same Kotaku article from which the Assassin's Creed 2020 tease originated - the one that reckons The Division 2 is teasing a setting involving Vikings - the site states that Watch Dogs 3 could indeed be heading to the UK capital city, as coordinates centred on trendy Brixton shown in Watch Dogs 2's updated ending also attest.

In addition to the possible location for Watch Dogs 3 being London, rumours abound that the new game will also have an increased emphasis on melee combat, which stands to reason given the illegality of firearms in the UK. Ubisoft has also previously stated that it has four games up its sleeve for release by March 2020.

Could Watch Dogs 3 be among those four new games in the pipeline? Watch this space.

  • Could be London? hahaha. It is.
  • I swear if some of those games isn't Splinter Cell...
  • I don't know if I will get the 3rd one. I enjoyed the first. Heard the second was better, but after playing it, I was extremely underwhelmed. If or when the 3rd does come out, I may skip it, or at least wait until it is really cheap.
  • @3, my feelings exactly about the 2nd one. Was expecting much more based on all the positive reviews. Wasn't bad, just didn't live up to expectations.
  • @3 Same, the second game was a huge letdown. Terrible protagonists, terrible antagonists, a story with no stakes. The most noteworthy thing about Watchdogs 2 was being able to drive around a scissor lift.
  • Same. I enjoyed the first. The second game had no cohesion at all. The story was weak and it would say “get to point B quick, the world depends on it!”.... but you could run around taking photos and doing graffiti. I’d leave a third entry.
  • If so many people had a problem with Aiden Pierce being boring then what will happen with a British protagonist?
  • sup with the WD2 X patch
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