Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Trailer Shows Tidus and Yuna's Budding Romance

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Trailer Shows Tidus and Yuna's Budding Romance

Richard Walker

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster trailer today, re-introducing the games' two leads Tidus and Yuna, who find themselves embroiled in all manner of sweeping drama across the fantastical world of Spira. Also, blitzball (not shown in the trailer).

Featuring both Final Fantasy X and direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2 (as the title suggests), the remastered collection brings together two adventures in which Tidus and Yuna will need to work together with their friends to overcome powerful enemies that threaten to consume their world.

Representing hundreds of hours of content across two emotional tales, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be heading to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 16th April priced $49.99/£44.99. Check out the new Tidus and Yuna teaser trailer below.

  • FFX is an awesome game, never liked X-2 though. But 50 bucks for a game from 2001 is way too much. Also some trophies are a hell of a grind, I assume the achievements are the same ones...?
  • $49.99? PlayStation: That's cute.
  • Already pre-ordered. Still, have a PS2 and the original I got used in 2005 but haven't had enough motivation to drop $$$ on a newer PlayStation to play the remaster. I only dropped $10 on FFX back then. So it's been a long time coming, but it was $49.99 when it launched, and it's time for this Final Fantasy fan to pay what I personally feel is owed to this title considering the time I've put into it over the years. A great game is a great game and age alone can only devalue a game so much.
  • Didn't they already release a remaster of these?
  • @5: Not on Xbox or Switch. I'm confused why everyone is concerned about the price of this? It's $50 for two games, seems fair. Meanwhile, XII is $50 on its own.
  • @6 Considering you can get physical copies brand new on PS4 for £14 (Final Fantasy X/X-2). This price point is way too high for a 5 year old remastered game, I think Square Enix have lost the plot.
  • Well.. Here comes 99+ hours of Blitzball again. Welp!
  • @7 But I don't have a PS4. It's not like the PS4 and XONE versions are going to be sitting next to each other on the shelf. It's not like these are straight ports of PlayStation 2 games. It doesn't matter when they were remastered, the work was done and these titles have been PlayStation exclusives for nearly two decades. Like Switch owners, Xbox players are paying a premium for the specific 3rd party support they have been desperately needing. Xbox didn't need this as bad as Switch needed all the ports it's been getting but it's the same principle. It's likely the price will drop at some point anyway. This is cashing in on the people's me that want to replay these classics asap.
  • Does anyone know yet if this is going to have any kind of speed up feature like 12 and some of the others ff ports?
  • @7: Those were remasters of 12 year old games that you could get for cheap on PS2... but that's irrelevant. The point is they are brand new to us, right now. That means they get sold for "new game" prices. For $25 a piece, it's really not bad at all. I just bought Borderlands for $30 and was happy with that, and will be extremely pleased with this as well. @10: Sadly no. I think they get X1X enhancements as far as performance/graphics go but otherwise they'll be the same as the PS4 versions gameplay-wise.
  • I can't wait to play, it's been so long
  • $80aud. No thanks.
  • It's not irrelevant, it's the exact remastered game with the exception of the 4K enhancement, which i'm sure you could get from the steam version if you have a powerful PC with top tier specs. Your justification for Square Enix for charging that amount isn't logically. Because it's "new" to your platform isn't a good excuse to defend bad business decisions. Even lately with the price of the Ardyn DLC for FFXV, that's a perfect example of Square Enix pushing their luck and extorting more money out of consumers. Be a consumer first, not a shill defending corporations.
  • @15 Stop being cheap. $25 each for great games isn't expensive. If you can't afford it, don't play. Simple as that. It's totally justifiable for them to charge more for the new release versions of the game. They had to invest money to make them. Why the hell would they sell the games at a loss from day one just to make people who don't want to pay a fair price for their work happy? And you're seriously bitching about the Ardyn DLC costing $10? Really dude? Sounds like you're in a financial situation that is quite dire and doesn't facilitate the luxury of playing games at present if that amount is giving you pause. Yes it's twice the price of the other episodes. It's way larger in scale and clearly took more resources to make. So it's fine. Again if you can't afford it, or don't want to, then don't play. I love FF and I'd gladly pay full price for each game. The fact we're getting them all at a discount is a great bit of fanservice from Square Enix as is the mere fact they're letting us play them on Xbox for the first time ever. Be grateful.
  • I can afford it, when did I say I didn't? You know what they say about assumptions right? Considering Square Enix aren't shipping physical copies to the UK stores, who is the cheap one lol... Honestly writing an essay and getting triggered over another person's opinion. A few others have wrote comments agreeing with me, so I'm not the only one.
  • At £29.99 could get them a profit, sorry but the game is cheaper on other platforms people are going to buy it elsewhere. I guess being the weakest selling platform this generation you have no other choice. With that said that's my exit, no point replying because I won't checking you'd be wasting your time.
  • @17 @18 don’t let the door hit you in the way out
  • People act like ports materialize from thin air. I guess those employees that did the work should work for free? If not, then you're asking a company to pay those employees AND sell the game for pennies, and take a loss on it? Yeah, that's totally logical...
  • @18 You just sound like a cheapass whining about paying for a good game to me. And there it is, another moron on an Xbox site shitting on the Xbox and espousing the virtues of other platforms. You're smart. GTFO and go to another website then.
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