Remedys Control is Like a More Supernatural Quantum Break

Remedy’s Control is Like a More Supernatural Quantum Break

Dan Webb

Our recent hands-on with Control taught me a few things: 1. I clearly didn’t know as much about Remedy’s follow-up to Quantum Break as I thought I did; and 2. It’s actually a Metroidvania-style game – a genre that locks off certain areas until you have the requisite skill. It actually taught me one more thing, in fact, I wasn’t perhaps as excited as I probably should be, which considering how much I’m a fan of Remedy Entertainment was probably my fault. Thankfully we’ve played it, seen a good chunk and now we’re massively anticipating its late-August release.

Control sees you jumping into the shoes of Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, which is basically like an occult CIA. Jesse, who demonstrated supernatural abilities of her own when she was young, is tasked with eradicating a dangerous force known as the Hiss, who have invaded the Oldest House, the FBC headquarters.

You’ll spend the entirety of your time in the Oldest House in Control, but with all the paranormal phenomenon taking place, it won’t seem like you're contained within the same environment. As worlds and universes collide, the Control HQ will morph forms in various ways, and you’ll even visit the Astral Plane on various occasions too.

As we previously alluded to, Control is a Metroidvania of sorts, meaning you might not be able to access certain floors unless you have certain abilities – like levitation, for instance – and from what we’ve seen of Control so far, there seems to be a ton of abilities at your disposal, and they’re super easy to pick-up and combine as well.

Within minutes of picking up the controller, we were levitating through the air with the greatest of ease, ground-pounding the Hiss, telepathically throwing large chunks of the game world at them and even using said debris as a shield. The combat is responsive, intuitive and ridiculously fun.

There are a ton of RPG mechanics under Control’s hood as well, that range from applying character mods to Jesse, as well as upgrading her actual abilities as the Director and even extend as far as Jesse’s transforming gun that can take various forms. For our hands-on demo we were able to use an SMG of sorts and a boost charge pierce pistol, all of which mods can be applied to. Through various nodes in the world Jesse can also access the Astral Plane to acquire new skills, like the ‘seize’ ability that allows you to possess enemy characters. All of Control’s new abilities aren’t on the main path either, so it really encourages players to really explore every nook and cranny of the Oldest House.

While Control's gameplay is fun and the mechanics are solid, the real draw for a sci-fi nerd like me is the world and what’s happening to it. Environments can go from being bog-standard offices one minute to transforming mirror mazes and dank crystallised cesspits the next. There are also some really cool puzzle elements littered throughout, which we’re hoping Remedy leans on a lot more in the latter portions of the game.

Granted, our hands-on time with Control was relatively short, and it’s not that easy to gauge what the game will be like as a finished product, but as a taster, it has most certainly whet my appetite. With frenetic combat and a really cool style and feel, Control has most definitely piqued my interest, that’s for sure.

Control is out on 27th August 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Hyped for this. It's Remedy and looks very good.
  • Me too. Remedy to me is that top tier and they make GREAT games. Still hoping though for Alan Wake 2
  • Very keen for this. A Shame about all that DLC timed exlcusivity nonsense on PS4.
  • Not sure I've played a bad remedy game, will definitely get this.
  • I hope this is like Quantum Break with the Cut scenes, personally I loved that kind of gameplay
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