Anthems Upcoming Features and Content Has Been Delayed

Anthem's Upcoming Features and Content Has Been Delayed

Dean Abdou

BioWare has announced that Anthem's extra content has been delayed due to the developer wanting to make sure that everything works with smoothly in the game before releasing it to fans.

The developer has revealed on Reddit that it has currently been prioritising bug fixes, stability and game flow over the new features of the Act 1 content. Unfortunately, there were more fixes then dev time initially anticipated so, for this reason, it's had to delay some new upcoming features.

The features that have been delayed include:

  • Mastery System
  • Guilds
  • Legendary Missions – Phase II
  • Weekly Stronghold Challenge
  • Leaderboards
  • Some Freeplay Events
  • Cataclysm

"We’ve fixed a lot of bugs and made changes which we believe begin to point us in the right direction for the future. That being said, we know there is a long way to go before Anthem becomes the game we all want it to be. So where are we at today…" shared the development team on Reddit.

There's no new release schedule as of yet for the extra content in Anthem, but as soon as the dev team share something we'll be sure to update you. As for you now you can check out the full Reddit post to see more details about some of the upcoming content that the dev team have planned.

Anthem is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • I'm fine with this. Take the time to get it right without creating more crunch for the developers or rushing ahead without a solid plan. I have other games to play while I wait. I've enjoyed my time with the game a lot.
  • I'm glad my girlfriend's friend bought this for her cause I got to play it and be disappointed without feeling cheated. This is Destiny/Division 1 all over again. Changing everything about the loot system, gear scores, constantly tweaking/altering the entire game bit by bit.. Kind of tired of this always happening. I want to go and finish Anthem but now that I've put it down well over a month ago I just can't seem to bring myself to even bother cleaning up the last bit of post-game stuff that was there.. It's just empty and dull.
  • "we know there is a long way to go before Anthem becomes the game we all want it to be" casual admintance that this product was released in a bad state, consumers have already paid for the product, but hey its ok now EA got the money, we can admit it
  • Between this and ME: Andromeda, I wonder how many more flops it’ll take before EA shuts down BioWare.
  • @4, EA is waiting for Dragon Age 4, then they pull the string on the guillotine.
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